LunchTimeWaster: Robot Wars

So you're a robot guy. You want to shoot other robot things. The context is flimsy. You have no idea why you're shooting, but it doesn't matter because shooting is fun. This is the basic concept of Effing Machines.

As dumb as the premise sounds (and is) Effing Machines is fun, mainly because it has a cool feeling of being overrun. There are so many enemies onscreen at once that the game feels frantic. It's sort of let down by caving to the bloody endless gamification that lurks behind seemingly every flash game ever made - collect point and upgrade you weapons! Keep playing our game in a mindless pokey-esque trance... please?

But still, a decent amount of fun. Plus - robots. Amirite?


    From the screenshot alone, it looks to draw pretty much all it's inspiration from the battle of Zion in The Matrix Revolutions.

    Dude, this is totally 'inspired' by Matrix Revolutions and the defence of Zion.

    Looks like a scene from The Matrix sequels, when the machines break into Zion.

    Wait... the designs look familiar somehow... don't tell me, I'll get it!

      LOTR, return of the king, am I right?

      I think it's like that scene from Terminator: Rise of the Machines where the actors were shit.

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