Where Are The Best 3DS Deals?

Now that the 3DS price drop is official, we're starting to see all the big retailers competing for the best 3DS deal in Australia. Looking to pick one up? We've had a quick run round and sorted out some of the best deals around.

In terms of cheapness, this Dick Smith deal is arguably the best - a 3DS for only $199. Pretty good deal considering.

But if you're looking for a game to go with your 3DS - and it's a bit useless without one - this is my favourite: a 3DS bundled with Ocarina of Time for $254 at GAME.

But you have other options - JB Hifi has a Sims 3 deal for $249 and EB has a pack with Super Monkey Ball for $248.

My advice? The GAME deal is good for those who were looking for a copy of Zelda regardless. If you have no interest in that, may as well go for the Dick Smith deal and pick up a copy of Pilotwings or Super Street Fighter IV 3D.

Oh, and while I have you - Danny over at Gizmodo has the details on the extended Ambassador plan. You aren't too late folks!

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    Hm, I wonder how much game would knock off that price if I traded in my DS

      Got $30 for a DSLite at EB.

        Pretty Sure that GAME has $40 trade value for the DSL's.

          All the GAME's in Tassie shut down.

            I didn't even know there were any Games here in tassie! I'm guessing they were just in Hobart? Same as JB HIFI.

      Prolly 20 bucks

    I think the pic of the 3DS could be bigger 4kx4k is just soft.

    Going to pick up mine from Dick Smith after work, with Zelda. It's only $5 more than Game and it's closer to home.

    The best deal for a 3DS:

    1) Go to ebay
    2) Buy a phat psp
    3) ???
    4) Profit!

    I don't understand, aren't we too late for the ambassador program?

    As mentioned in a previous post $240 for a Black 3DS and OOT at Harvey Norman
    Im pretty proud of myself for fighting down.

    I was going to make a snark about how crap it is that the screens are asymmetrical if you want to use it for older DS games, but then I remembered that the box of games that had my DS collection disappeared into the same shadowy place that odd socks and car keys go to when I moved house, so it wouldn't really affect me much at all.


    It's a bargain, but what upcoming 3DS games are you looking forward to, Mark?

    Dick Smith is still the best deal with Zelda. $199 for the console, and the game is selling for $47 on its own.

    Nah... I'm putting my money away for a Vita. No matter how far away it is... However my girl just gave me her old-but-still-in awesome-nick Gameboy Advance. I'm going to get a Metroid Fusion straight off the bat for it :-D

    I have to say, the email that GAME sent out about an hour ago is very dishonest of them.


      What the Hell!? This is one reason I don't like these smaller game retailers. They tell you that you're saving money on their ridiculous mark-ups.


      I went into The Good Guys and got them to price match DSE. They still had their 3DS' at $347 and the guy serving me said he didn't know anything about any price drop :\. I also picked up a copy of Ocarina of Time for $49 and an extended 1 year warranty for $29.

      I would never have bought a 3DS @ $250+ But $199 seems pretty decent. This price dropping might work out well for Nintendo.

      Remember folks, you don't have to go where the deal is, you can just as easy to go another retailer and see if they'll price match. Because retailers are busting for business I would be surpirsed if they wouldn't.

    dang i really want one especially eith the price being that low in Dick Smith but theres really really no games that i want (im a bit interested in Zelda but its not enuff to push me to get a 3DS)...

    well since now i think they are lowering the price of the 3DS in pretty much anywhere i might just wait for a game that im interested in (maybe Resident Evil and or a Silent Hill game)..

    ..but on another note i am so interested in Vita that is a day one purchase for me regardless whetehr its gonna have games i like or not

    'cause tbh 3DS borderlines gimmicky for me (& from what ive heard from other people the 3D effect is only good at first but after a few plays with it youll realize that its not a proper 3D - you have to stare at it straight, etc)..but the Vita has so many muscle in it that it doesnt seem gimicky imo its like its a new hardware all together..

    I just got a letter from target as I have a 3ds on layby from there toysale. They have reduced the deal by $100 therefore I ended up with 3ds, a game & accessories pack for $188 :)

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