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Mark is as sick as a dog today (I swear the bacon milkshake had nothing to do with it) and has vowed to spend the whole day sleeping. Given his uber-pale and rash-covered state yesterday, I actually believe him. But I suspect that many Kotaku readers faced with a day off work sick would still find themselves drawn to their console. And that got me wondering — what games do you want to play when you're sick enough to not be at work, but not so sick you just want to lie around moaning like a Scottish zombie?

Maybe you'll return to an old favourite so you don't have to think too hard. (In that situation, I'd turn to the utterly obscure and ancient but awesome Muppet RaceMania, a game I know way too much about.) Maybe you'll try and work through a title in your pile of shame. But whatever your distract-me-from-the-dull-pain-and-the-nausea game of choice is, tell us in the comments.


    Boogerman on the Mega Drive...


    You're right about the "old favourite" thing - I'd probably dive into one of my childhood games from the mega drive collection. Probably a Sonic game.

    Either that, or something grindy like an RPG. I can run around killing stuff in a trance-like state, levelling up my guy without bothering to advance the plot.

      This. Pull out something open-worldy and trundle about doing the mostly mindless collecting stuff, like feathers/flags/fragments/herbs/tags/treasures/achievements. Also good late in the evening when too tired to be coordinated but too wired to sleep., just to wind down. Ziplining aroung Constatinople works too.


      I think the nature of these tasks in a sandbox game means you can kinda give 25% of your brain to the game, and zone the rest out. It doesn't get boring cause you're too out of it to notice much, and the end result (getting that progress done) is pretty great.

      I found Just Cause 2 fantastic for this. Just wander around "liberating" villages and not worry about the story missions.

    I play Oni. Because it's my go-to game whenever anything's up!

    The other one I used to play is "N." But that led to one time where I was hallucinating, and imagining levels of the game as helping my immune system fight off the disease, and I'm not sure whether I was actually playing the game, or imagining the whole thing, so I haven't really played it much since.

    I'd play something on my 3DS, something I can pick up play for a little while. Probably a sonic / mario game or a game that doesn't require much thought.

    I find Its usually arcadey stuff that doesn't need much thought input, like burnout.

    Usually though its a good opportunity to work through whatever tv series DVD box set i have laying around.

      Also massive nostalgia hit with Muppet RaceMania. Such an awesome racing game, second only to Crash Team Raching!

    Last time I was sick I tried to play Borderlands. Ended up making me feel carsick, the first time ever an FPS has achieved that

      I have actually thrown up after playing Borderlands... Haven't eaten frozen fish since :(

      PC or console? The console version I only ever played in Splitscreen and the PC version I bound the FOV modifier to the E key (Shame it couldn't be permanently fixed, but was definitly better than nothing)

        Twas on PS3. I would have played on Splitscreen then, but my housemate really didn't want bronchitis.

    Playing civilization revolution on easy and just decimating the A.I. always makes me feel better when I'm sick. The fact that a single game can take anywhere between 2 and 5 hours to complete, helps to keep me distracted from my illness. Civ. revolution is also playable while lying down and you can easily play while snuggled up on the couch or in bed.

    Open world games like GTA and Just cause 2 are also nice because I can just go on rampages and do the easier side missions. Mobile gaming also helps but sometimes the small screen's proximity to your face can sometimes increase any headaches I may have when sick.

      I find Civilization 5 a good one, because it's turn based, there's no time pressure - I can zone out and have a little nap for a bit without disaster.
      Sometimes I find it too taxing mentally though, what we need is a turn based game that requires little to no thought...

    Crookman digs simple games that don't require much thought or quick reflexes. Depending on what type of crookman is present, sometimes the 3DS can't be used (brain can't cope with 3D when crook), but the trusty PSP-3000 always works. But usually crookman will watch TV series or a trilogy of movies, etc. Futurama benders (lol) are popular, as well as things like the Alien movies, the Bourne movies, or maybe LOTR.

    Donkey Kong Country for me. I find the rainy levels very relaxing & comforting.

    Usually an online multiplayer game (MW3, BF3, GT5, FORZA4), but if i'm feeling ultra down in the dumps, it'll be nostalgia time, and i'll bust out games like Wonder Boy III: Dragons Trap, old Zelda's, Super Metroid etc etc.

    I had the 'flu once (verified and everything, I wasn't malingering!), and I spent about two days straight playing Condemned 2. It was really great because the character was in a worse situation than I was so it was an excellent escape. Also, it's a great game.

      I thought it was a great game too! Highly underrated IMO. Loved the bear attack scenario in the wooden lodge. :-)

        I loved the NG+ mechanic where you could play it again with unlimited ammunition. I wish more horror games did that where you could go replay earlier bits that scared the bejaysus out of you but this time kicking arse. Probably my favourite mechanic of RE5 was that you could replay levels with your beefed-up inventory from late game.

          Ah yes, the NG+ feature. I didn't try it out. Sounds like fun.

          I've always been keen on RE5, but was totally put off by the bad computer-controlled partner AI. Sure, there's the CO-OP option, but that sounds like it falls short because this is the type of game best played alone, since having a friend potentially yammering in your ear breaks the immersion.

            I didn't mind the AI partner. I usually never held medicine or herbs myself but just stocked her with them and she healed me whenever I needed it. Otherwise I just gave her a basic pistol and around 50 rounds and ignored her.

          I remember doing something like that with RE3 on PSX. You could earn points from mercenary mode to buy stuff like a rocket launcher or minigun with unlimited ammo to use in a new playthrough. Made the second playthrough a lot more fun! Especially when you'd earnt the right from finishing the game and then smashing mercenaries mode to buy the items.

      I loved the first game, but thought it jumped the shark at the end. Never got around to the sequel.

      I usually play platformers when sick, like Super Mario Galaxy or Yoshi's Island. Mario Kart too. I don't like 'ruining' story based games by playing them while out of it.

        Good point about ruining story based games.

        Deus Ex HR is sort of on my pile of shame, in as much as I haven't finished it, but I haven't been in the mood. I love it and it seems like it deserves my full attention for big blocks of time. But I've been busy at work and exhausted when I get home so I haven't wanted to boot it up.

          Ah, you're in for good times a-plenty, man. The more I think about it, the more confident I am in saying it's my personal game of the year for 2011. I'm the same with TV shows, I've got entire seasons of shows I absolutely know I will love, but am saving for juuuuuust the right time.

            I have Deus Ex on my pile too. I got it, watched the intro title sequence and the initial situation where the shit hits the fan...and then Skyrim came out. I haven't had a chance to get back to it since. One day I will. Irrespective of that, I'm still excited about it.

    Usually being sick is a great time to knock off whatever's on top of my pile of shame, last time I was that ill I beat Darksiders AND watched the entirety of the Berserk series.


    Depends if there's the threat of vomit or not. If not, something relatively intense like gears of war or operation flashpoint helps me concentrate on what I'm doing rather than what I'm feeling.

    If there IS the threat of vomit, its a cartoons & death metal day, simultaneously if I'm watching metalocalypse

      You sir deserve a medal *salute*

    I have called in sick many times, last two times I sat down and finished Halo: Reach and Crysis (replays).

    I hate taking sick days and being too sick to not enjoy a video game :(

    I'm more of a "watch bad daytime TV while sleeping" kind of sick day guy. Videogames require brain power, when I'm sick I have no interest in such things!

    I rarely gets cold or flus, but hangovers I am well acquainted with. When I've got a bad one, I crack out my PSP or 3DS.

    If I'm sick I'll normally sick to games I can play in bed, e.g. something iOS based or the 3DS, PSP etc.

    Sick gaming is totally different to gaming when healthy. When I'm Ill, pointless trophy hunting and fetch quests don't bother me quite so much. I used a bout of poor health to collect all the Ridler Trophies in Arkham Aslyum. I just wouldn't have bothered if I was healthy.

    Once a year I get hit with the flu. Our work gives free flu shots but I never take them. I love that week. Sure, I feel like shit, my joints ache, mucus seeps from my eyeballs, but its a week of guilt free gaming while heavily medicated. This is not something I allow myself while spritely.
    F Zero GX was my first, I played it propped up on a mountain of cushions with my arms hanging down and cracked that thing open.
    The next was RE4. I crawled into Harvey Norman for a new Home Theatre System just to make it awesome. White as a ghost and in a cold sweat, I remember shivering in their chair while applying for credit.
    I like games that coerce you in the right direction or have a singular goal. Anything with decision making or where you have to remember or follow instructions gets a bit difficult. Fallout has got me through the last two bouts, while you have to make decisions, they're so soft it doesn't matter, just head for a waypoint and zone out!


    Zelda! There's so many games to choose from and once I have picked one, it keeps me entertained all day, and then some.

    Can't play games when I'm sick usually. Get motion sickness which makes me worse. Recovery is another story however. Usually I put in an old TV series I have on DVD and sit back without a care in the world.

    I used up some sick leave recently. Wanted to try and do a little gaming but in the end, all I could do was curl up on the couch and watch Starcraft and League of Legends streams.

    I'm much more of a "do as little as possible" type guy when sick. When healthy too, come to think of it.

    I honestly have no desire to game when I'm sick. I'll mainly just sleep and eat for 24 hours. If I do game it's usualyl whatever I'm in the middle of playing so I don't have to devote energy to deciding on something else, and it holds my attention for perhaps an hour.

    I have been known to play lame flash games when sick, maybe I prefer something repetitive or otherwise tedious I don't have to think about.

    I just found Manhunt for PS2 after I thought it gone forever. Will be reserving for just such an occasion. Any game that has me making video game characters feel worse than I do IRL will make me feel a whole lot better :-)

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