While You Were Sleeping

Thursday already? Nah. No way. [Checks calender] What the hell! Okay, welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Let's have a gander at the news that came in overnight shall we?

I want to start with these GIF glitches. It is my great regret this was posted at around 9pm when significantly less folk had the chance to see it. So click on and chuckle.

I find this to be, what's the word? AMAZESOME. It's a Halo easter egg that took years to discover. I love details. I love games that pay attention to details. This is cool.

You might want to check out this new Assassin's Creed IV info. Apparently it's the back of that poster that leaked yesterday. It's a Monkey Island style map of some kind. You should watch this tribute to Super Smash Bros. — and there are two new 3DS colours in Japan.

In Short A Halo Easter Egg That Took Years To Discover Super Smash Bros. Is Amazing, Even If It Doesn't Make All Fighting Game Fans Happy The Other Side Of That Supposed Assassin's Creed IV Poster Is A Map The Most Hilarious Sports Game Glitches Now In Motion Two New 3DS Colours For Japan


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