Behold, From The Depths Of Your Fears: Land Sharks!

Behold, From The Depths Of Your Fears: Land Sharks!

Presenting the latest addition to the Monster Hunter gallery o’ monsters: Sharks that can crawl on land.

With the upcoming release of Monster Hunter 4 this summer, Capcom has steadily been releasing information on new locations and monsters. Among the latest newcomers to the hunting scene are creatures called “Skuagils,” m-f-ing sharks with m-f-ing feet. That’s right, allow me to repeat myself: Sharks that can crawl on land.

It wasn’t enough that Capcom decided to give these giant mutant swimming death mouths some feet, they also gave them pointy spear-like heads that, according to the description, “are difficult to remove once impaled by” and that these creatures will “twist to exacerbate the wound and aggressively feed.”

Added with my paralyzing fear of the ocean depths and the myriad of creatures below, I’m not sure whether this makes me want to avoid the game forever, or want to play it more so I can take my frustrations out on these abominations.

Monster Hunter 4 is scheduled for release in Japan this summer. No word on an international release date yet.

モンスターハンター4|スケールアップした世界観 [CAPCOM]

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  • What platforms is this meant to be coming out for? (I’m sure it’s there on the website somewhere, but I can’t read Japanese…)

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