Community Review: DARK

Community Review: DARK

It used to be a good time to release in July. Stuck in the mindset of the toy industry, the big publishers all save their triple-A releases for the holiday season, which left a prime gap to capitalise on. But now, releasing in this window runs the risk of competing with the Steam sale – and it’s this such challenge that DARK, a vampire stealth game, faces.

Of course, Dark’s Metacritic PC rating of 43 suggest its challenges go beyond its release date, but I’ve also found games without a large number of reviews to be a bit misleading from time to time, giving too much weight to one or two extreme opinions. Opinionated critics with clear preferences towards different genres or gameplay styles is perfectly fine, as long as it’s framed in the wider spectrum of criticism. Sadly, some of these games just aren’t reviewed that much.

So if anyone’s had a chance to give DARK a whirl in amongst all the crazy $2.50 deals on Steam, let us know if it’s worth our time. At first glance it looks a little bit Dishonoured, a little bit Riddick, a little bit Darkness, with some fairly standard stealth gameplay and abilities. I like vampires as much as the next guy (who I assume likes vampires) – throw in oodles of cel-shaded guards out for a smoke break just waiting to be drained of blood, and it could have potential. So how does it play?


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