DayZ Killmap Shows Where You'll Probably Die

If you've played DayZ, you've probably died. A lot. And if you've died in DayZ, you've probably died in one of these locations, as highlighted by MyDayZ in this fascinating heat map...

Nifty. Using our image annotation tool, note any place you've found it particularly easy to get shot and/or eaten.

Speaking of DayZ: In case you missed it, do read our lengthy interview with DayZ creator Dean Hall, talking all about the coming standalone version. It won't be long now until we'll have an all-new map covered with all-new red marks.

(Source: Reddit via PC Gamer)


    Id imagine my deathmap would look pretty similar to this.

    Last edited 21/07/13 2:53 pm

    I somehow managed to beat the game without dying. There were plenty of close calls, but I had plenty of generic brand name painkillers to save me.
    Also it looks like this game is finally coming out for Aus. R18+ due to extreme violence.

      Err.... its a survival game, there is no way to "beat" it, its endless. Theres endgame content like helicopters but even then youre always struggling with fuel and other players.
      Also you could buy arma off steam for years now coz its never been R18, I believe its MA15+. I think youre confused with a different game.

      Not sure you are thinking of the right game. Painkillers don't give you health in DayZ like in The War Z or whatever it's called these days ( Survivor Stories )

    What kind of startled me for a second was that I started to name the towns from the map..and then I realised how many I could name..

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