Goddammit Brancha. Two minutes? That's all you needed?

Congrats for guessing yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was Wonderboy! The arcade version, which I loved and still love.

Good luck with today's effort my friends!


    Who is the fairest of them all?

    Unless this is an egg hatching between a pair of bookends, I got nothing.

    Hmm familiar. Could me many games really. Nice choice!
    I'm gonna take a stab say something like Ultima Underworld? Likely not, but wouldn't be surprised if it was something similar like Albion or Eye of the Beholder. Dungeon crawlers were awesome!

    Looks like some sort of fighter jet simulation game, with the HUD in front of the cockpit.

    It's probably not this, but something like F/A 18 Interceptor on Amiga?

      Knowing Mark, it would be more likely Spitfire 40 on the ZX Spectrum ;^)
      The spitfire has a more rounded view out the canopy the the FA-18

      Last edited 03/02/16 1:24 pm

    Laser Ghost? On the Master System? Because when I was young that game scared the shit out of me.

    Last edited 03/02/16 1:38 pm

    Cracked stained glass/paintings from Fable or is it Fable 2?

    Last edited 03/02/16 2:24 pm

    Probably not right but these are the first things that popped in to my head:
    Solomon's Key
    Ghosts & Goblins

    Something else on C64 or NES?

    broken mirror: shadow of the templars

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