Norman's Sky Is Like No Man's Sky On A Commodore 64

And if that's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Welcome to Norman's Sky. A submission made to #LOWREZJAM — a game jam all about low resolution video games. The goal for this jam: create a game in 64x64 resolution. Great idea, right?

Yes, correct. It is a great idea.

Well, it's a good idea in principle. If you have a spare second you can — like me — download Norman's Sky and play it. If you like super difficult controls, low resolution visuals where you don't really know what you're looking at, and an obnoxious noise blaring in your ears constantly (it's supposed to be the spaceship's engine I think) then you're gonna love Norman's Sky.

That probably sounds a little harsh for a game that was made in the super tough atmosphere of a short game jam because, all things considered, Norman's Sky is a pretty awesome achievement. It has the procedurally generated universe, it operates using proper physics and you can totally land on planets. 4

That is pretty cool for 48 hours of work.


    The best part is imagining the title being said with Mark's voice.

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