What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It’s embarrassing to admit it, but I still haven’t finished Dark Souls 3 yet. I’m having an unexpected amount of difficulty with the game’s final boss who is, by the way, complete bullshit. In the best possible way.

What are you playing this weekend?

I’ve also been experimenting a bit more with my Oculus Rift. Have to admit, I’m a little disappointed by the lack of content available on the official store at the moment. I feel as though I really need a few more meaty experiences.

I’ve also been toying with giving The Witcher 3 another go, but that seems like it might be too much of a time investment at this point.

What are you all playing at the moment?


    Fate says I will be hungover on the couch playing Fire Emblem Sunday.

    Oh, and during toilet breaks at work Saturday. Oh, and right now. I really wanna clean up Birthright because I have been coasting a bit on Hard.

    Well I want to get into Uncharted 4, Doom and finish off LA Noir. But the retro bug has hit me at the moment (maybe I should be posting this on a retro gaming site?)
    I pulled out my copy of the original Phantasy Star I bought in about 1990(at the Cannon Hill Kmart for $90!). Got stuck near the end back in the day. I loaded the cart up and the battery back up was still there! That's some epic battery life.
    With the power of Google (filthy cheater) I finally finished it.
    So in keeping with that theme I'm going to finish Golvellius: Valley of Doom (Kind of Zelda for the Master System). Another RPG from my childhood that I'm going to finish!

    Just got the Michonne miniseries for <$10 on PSN. So probably that, if anything.

    Overwatch, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered and trying to finish FE: Conquest before Revelation drops next week will mostly be my list.

    Arma 3 - just got a pretty update and it's looking great. Can't wait for Tanoa to drop.

    Trying to get the DS3 platinum trophy, all that remains is to get the handful of miracles, pyromancies, and rings tied to PVP rewards. *sigh*

    80 hours into Witcher 3 and I think I'm about to get to the end of the first (post-prologue) act.

    Trying to 100% Axiom Verge (excluding Speedruns).
    If you haven't played it, and you enjoy Metroidvania-esque games, I'd highly recommend it.
    Not insanely difficult, but thoroughly enjoyable.

    Just finished Uncharted 4, so after I rehydrate from a tearful goodbye to Drake, I'll be diving back into MGSV and maybe even Fallout 4: Far Harbour. Oh, and also Rocket League, because Rocket League!

    Pillars of Eternity! \o/ I'm about 11 hours deep and loving it, sooo much to read and explore.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, I never gave it a solid run so thought I would give it a crack.

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