Boid: Free Multiplayer, But The 10-Hour Campaign Is $10 DLC? That's Kind Of Cool

The influx of indie games on Steam has made it hard to get noticed, so you have to be creative in design and marketing. For example, a new RTS called Boid has come up with a twist on the standard demo approach — it offers the full multiplayer version of the game free, but the single-player campaign — all 10 hours of it — will set you back $US10.

It's a cool idea really. You get a chance to experience the mechanics of the game without spending a cent and if you like what you see, you can pay up and embark on the story. Those who want to stick with multiplayer can show their appreciation via paid in-game items.

What exactly is Boid? It describes itself as a "primal" RTS, where micro-organisms on the distant planet of Kepler 42-C duke it out for supremacy. Rather than build-up in traditional strategy style, you simply capture positions to "replicate and mutate" your units.

How about a trailer? Sure.

The campaign DLC is currently on sale — $US7.99 instead of $US9.99 — so that's good news if you plan on grabbing it today.

Boid [Steam]


    The Banner Saga did a similar thing. I hope this works better.

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