Everything You Need To Know About Super Mario Odyssey In 5 Minutes

Super Mario Odyssey has plenty going on, and if you're confused about how it all ties together Nintendo has a quick little primer for you.

The principle of the game is that Bowser has kidnapped Peach and plans to marry her against her will. Bowser's a creepy bugger. So as you'd expect, Mario trots the globe possessing people, plans, Goombas and cars with Cappy, resulting in all kinds of hijinks.

The game's supports two-player co-op, and has a feature designed for people who are new to gaming called Assist Mode. It basically puts a series of guided arrows on the screen to help people from getting lost, as well as making respawning easier should someone fall to their death.

Beyond that, the five minute trailer goes through some of the various kingdoms, covers the basics of progression, and how the Odyssey works (it's an airship).

By the way, there's also some wedding-styled Amiibo due out on October 27 (when Super Mario Odyssey launches). Bowser's one looks particularly sweet, as does Peach.

All existing Amiibo is compatible with Odyssey too, with each one showing you the location of a Power Moon on the in-game map.


    The Bowser amiibo is amazing. If my wedding was a couple of months later i definitely would've covertly applied the peach and bowser ones to the cake (cos pfft, mario...).

    Game looks huge, i'm super pumped.

    I'm definitely going to get those Super Mario Odyssey wedding amiibos in a 3 pack. They will definitely be handy for my Mario adventure and unlocking those wedding costumes using the Mario Peach and Bowser amiibo even better. I am super pumped for Super Mario Odyssey coming out in 2 weeks. I'm so ready for a new Mario adventure.

      Hey Bot, you can unlock these by playing the game. Haven't reached that level of AI yet?

      Also, is there any backstory behind this bot or has some random just unleashed it?

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