All Doom Demons, Ranked

All Doom Demons, Ranked
Image: Id / Bethesda / Kotaku

Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1 and that got me thinking about Doom. I like Doom a lot. I’ve written about it many times before on Kotaku and it seems like it’s about time I sit down and rank all the demons who have appeared in Doom games throughout the years.

So here you go, the definitive list ranking all the Doom demons (and other enemies), from best to worst:

1. Cacodemon

2. Hell Knight

3. Spider Mastermind

4. Cyberdemon

5. Revenant

6. Imp

7. Baron of Hell

8. Pinky Demon

9. Arachnatron

10. Mancubus

Screenshot: Id / BethesdaScreenshot: Id / Bethesda

11. Cyber Mancubus

12. Icon of Sin

13. Vagary

14. Whiplash

15. Tyrant

16. The Gladiator

17. Dread Knight

18. Spectre

19. Nightmare Spectre

20. Nightmare Imp

21. Mother Demon

22. Sawcubus

23. Hellhounds

24. Kronos

25. Cherub

26. Wraith

27. Shotgun Guy

28. Carcass

29. Bruiser

30. Maledict

Screenshot: Id / BethesdaScreenshot: Id / Bethesda

31. Summoners

32. Prowlers

33. Gargoyles

34. Soldiers

35. Pain Elemental

36. Doom Hunter

37. Ticks

38. Trites

39. Zombies

40. Arch-Viles

41. Marauders

42.Lost Souls

43. Khan Maykr

44. Sentry Bots

45. Maykr Drones

46. Maggots

47. Hell Guards

48. Hell Razers

49. Sabaoth

50. Any that I forgot

51. The fucking Nazis that show up in secret Doom II levels.

I assume we all agree with this list and there will be 0 comments on this post.

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  • “50. Any that I forgot”

    Which is funny because you forgot the chaingun guy, fuck those hitscanning sniping arseholes, they are normally in a group and can take a huge chunk of health in no time.

  • I’ve always hated these articles. I think it’s supposed to be a inside joke or something in the US office, vague rankings with no displayed criteria.

    If you came to this article for an actual list for Doom monsters, I can at least recommend this video.
    There’s another one for Doom 2016 but I think linking two hyperlinks puts you in moderation hell.

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