Here Are The New PlayStation Plus Games For October

Here Are The New PlayStation Plus Games For October

If you like racing to bite people, then whew boy are there some PlayStation Plus games for you this month. For everyone else, the last PlayStation Plus games of the pure PS4 era are solidly OK.

First up, is Need For Speed: Payback.

Described by some as “perfectly tolerable” and “not as bad as some of the previous Needs For Speed”, this racing game is fine. Set in the underworld of Fortune Valley, you play as three separate characters, each with a bone to pick with ‘The House’. It has a similar narrative structure and amount of sense as a Fast and Furious movie, but without all the pretty people. If you loved Need For Speed: Heat, you’ll be a little disappointed by Payback, but you’ll get to see a lot of the mistakes the developers learned from. And it’s free!

Rounding out the month is Vampyr.

This game featured a really interesting story set in Britain during the Spanish Flu pandemic (who could imagine what that would be like). Although technically Edward from Twilight was sired during the Spanish Flu, he is not in this game.

The characters are pretty interesting, it’s got a cool setting, reasonably good combat and it’s a pretty solid RPG. Well worth checking out for some vampiric fun.

Both games are free for PlayStation Plus subscribers from Tuesday, October 6 until Monday, November 2.

That means you still have five more days to pick up last month’s titles Street Fighter V and PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which end on Monday, October 5.

What do you think? Anything you’re looking forward to? Would you subscribe to PlayStation Plus to get these games? Have you already played them and have thoughts and feelings about them? Let us know in the comments.


  • Yeah no…. Payback is bloody horrible.

    Whilst previous versions have had terribad supposed plot lines at least the arcade racing was fun and car tuning was great. Payback decided that what players really wanted for tuning the cars wasnt more player options. Oh no what we wanted was pre determined “speed cards” that you open in “packs” get the full set and u get abigger boost! So bloody-fun-gacha-tastic!

    How this game got overehelmingly positive review on Steam i will never know

    • With you on this one. I was actually enjoying the game until it started to become an intentional grind. Putting car upgrades in loot boxes in a non-free-play-game was an absolutely terrible idea.

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