A Round-up Of The Best NBN Deals From Black Friday 2021

A Round-up Of The Best NBN Deals From Black Friday 2021
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If you’re looking to upgrade to a faster NBN connection, or just want to pay a little bit less every month, one of these Black Friday deals could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here are the best deals for internet plans that you can currently get during Black Friday.

Aussie Broadband’s Black Friday Deals

As far as NBN connections go, Aussie Broadband is one of the best. This internet provider has pretty reliable service, with some of the highest typical evening speeds across NBN tiers.

During Black Friday, you can score a discount across its NBN plans. If you pick up Aussie Broadband’s NBN 12, NBN 25, NBN 50 or NBN 75 plan, you’ll save $10 each month for the first six months you’re connected.

If you need faster internet or a bigger discount, you can save $20 each month for the first six months you’re connected to Aussie Broadband’s NBN 100, NBN 250 or NBN 1000 plan.

You can check out these Black Friday Aussie Broadband NBN plans in the table below:

Telstra’s Black Friday Deals

If you sign up for one of Telstra’s NBN plans during Black Friday, you’ll receive a $100 gift card. This offer is available for NBN 50 plans or higher, and the gift card is valid at a wide range of retailers, including Event Cinemas, IKEA and Woolies. Depending on which NBN plan you take, Telstra will also discount your first month’s bill, with prices as low as $1.

You can check out Telstra’s NBN plans and the first-month discounts in the tables below. This offer is available until November 29, Cyber Monday.

Optus’ Black Friday Deals

For Black Friday, Optus is offering a $20 per month discount for the first six months across a range of NBN plans. All up, you’ll save $120, and since these plans are contract-free, you’re more than able to give them the flick the moment the discounted period has ended.

This offer is available until December 12.

If you’re after an NBN alternative, Optus has also reduced the price of its uncapped 5G home internet plan by $20 per month for the first six months you’re with the provider.

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