AMD’s Fantastic 5000 Series CPUs Are On Sale But Not For Long

AMD’s Fantastic 5000 Series CPUs Are On Sale But Not For Long
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We’ve covered a few offers that are currently running as part of the annual end of financial year sales, but we thought these particular deals were worth highlighting. We’ve seen the price of AMD’s 5000 Series of CPUs fluctuate over the past couple of months with some of the biggest discounts we’ve seen for the hardware.

However, if you head over to eBay Australia, a few of AMD’s CPUs are on sale for some of the cheapest prices we’ve ever seen. Here are the AMD’s 5000 series CPUs that are currently on sale:

AMD has always promised quality combined with affordability with its Ryzen range. Those are some great savings across the board, especially for the processing power you’ll be getting. Released back in November 2020 (except for the 7 5700X, which came out earlier this year), any of these CPUs are a solid investment if you’re building a gaming rig from scratch, or your current CPU is starting to show its age.

If you’re on a strict budget then grabbing either the Ryzen 5 5600X for a hair over $300 or saving almost $190 off the 7 5800X will definitely work in your favour. Just be quick about it – the 5600X and 5900X promo codes are only valid until 21 June, while the other AMD codes are usable until 26 June.

Are AMD’s 5000 series worth picking up?

AMD ryzen
Image: AMD

In Kotaku Australia’s comparison and review of AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series, here’s what we had to say:

For users that have been holding off on an older Intel platform (like 7700K or 8700K-esque chips) or you’ve been sitting on the first-gen Ryzen CPUs for a while, now is definitely a good time to buy in. AMD hasn’t just finally come to the party with more core counts, price and power efficiency — now their architecture is genuinely starting to kick some arse.

Buying new computer parts can be a bit of a waiting game sometimes. While you’re willing to make certain compromises when building or upgrading your rig, there’s always that one specific piece that you’re deadset on having. Unfortunately, that single must-have piece usually comes with a chunky price tag.

While you can just bite the bullet and pay full price, there’s always the chance that the moment you do this is the moment that part goes on sale. If you’ve been hanging out for a good deal on an AMD CPU, this is a great opportunity to pick one up.

If AMD is a brand that prides itself on value, you can’t really do that much better with these prices for the performance you’ll get.

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    • I thought 1 corner pin was blocked so you couldn’t actually do that, physically, well without force breaking a pin that is.

      • Correct! There’s only one way to put in a CPU. (And having installed this and taken the photo, I can confirm it was put in the correct way; just rotated around for the shot because of the lighting angle.)

  • I kind of wanted the 5700G but the price inflation has REALLY put me off buying anything this year!

  • Currently on sale at the same standard prices available from the usual discount outlet stores every single day of the year.

  • I could never bring myself to buy a Ryzen CPU.

    Maybe in 10 years when they are experienced, it seems there are some stories about having to do updates etc. Never had to do this on Intel chips.

    Yes I know these statements hold Selection Bias as well as Confirmation Bias.

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