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By The Way, Valve Won't Be Exhibiting At E3 2013 Either

Like Nintendo and 2K Games, Valve has stated it has no plans to exhibit at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. That said, it’s not like the company has a reputation as a prolific attendee in recent times.

While we’ve all been focused on statements by the big N and 2K, Valve made it known earlier this month that it, too, will be giving arguably the industry’s largest live event a miss.

Community news site ValveTime posted the following tweet, which contains a screencap of an email from Doug Lombardi, Valve’s vice-president of marketing:

It’s not really that surprising. In 2012, the company attended the event but chose not to show anything, which is basically the same story for 2011, too.

@ValveTime [Twitter, via Reddit]

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