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It didn't last long: a couple of people (Khadaji first, then cffndncr) spotted that yesterday's torch was from Prince of Persia. The original Prince of Persia mind you, not the 3D remake in the early 2000's or the Ubisoft reboot thereafter.

Well done, you two. But now it's time for something a bit harder.


So, there wasn't a ScribbleTaku yesterday. That's because I inadvertently got my fingers wedged in a car window, but I'm alright now. Monday's drawing, incidentally, was the fairy ocarina from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We hadn't had a Zelda scribble for a while, and with all the Nintendo Switch stuff it just made sense.

Anyway, new game. Let's go.


WiseHacker was first out of the gate yesterday, and he was the first one right. The drawing was from the classic Monopoly, although I used the icon from the original board game rather than any particular digital version. (The guess about the Mafia series was pretty funny, though.)

But it's a new day. Let's see how you go with this one.


Bit of a delayed ScribbleTaku today, so my bad on that. But hopefully this will be reminiscent enough a game to make up for it.


Nobody managed to pick up yesterday's game, which was Civilization: Call To Power. People are pretty familiar with all of the Sid Meier games, but the Activision-produced titles - which really weren't bad for the time, even though Alpha Centauri was something special - often get forgotten.

The icons were from the bottom right of the HUD, in case you're wondering. But that was yesterday. It's time for a new scribble!


A lot of people had a crack at yesterday's scribble, but sadly everyone was well wide of the mark. Let's see how you go again today.


Congratulations Ashigaru! He finally broke yesterday's game: it was Battlefield 1942. The scribbles were taken from the radio commands at the very top of the UI, where you hit the function keys to issue commands or respond to teammates/the AI.

Well done, mate. But it's a new day, and time for a new scribble.


It took until the second day, but Gemini finally divined Friday's scribble. It was indeed Pharaoh, the Egyptian-themed reskin of the Caesar strategy game from the 90's.

But I'm back in the country now. So it's time for my scribbles. Prepare yourselves.


For the second time this week we have to go into a second day for ScribbleTaku!

A few of you thought that yesterday's offering was from a Sonic game. Although I can absolutely see where you're coming from, that is sadly incorrect.


After 2 days Lysander guessed correctly — it was a Pazaak card from Knights of the Old Republic. Nice work!


Alex is in CES for the week so you're stuck with me for ScribbleTaku!

For the first time ever it took someone nearly 7 hours to guess my last scribble. Congratulations to haz for correctly identifying the jet ski ramp from Crash Bandicoot Warped!


So it looks like the water chip from Fallout didn't fool anyone. Well spotted, Lapetus.

But it's a new day. And seeing as it's the last Friday and the last Scribbletaku of 2016, let's see if we can't make this fun for everyone.


It took most of the day, but well done to sam22045, who worked out that yesterday's Scribbletaku was in fact the Children of Arkham logo from Telltale's Batman series twisted on its side. Now, I have no idea if today's is going to be phenomenally easy, but here you go. It's my first time, guys, take it easy on me.


Can you guess which game today's ScribbleTaku is from?

I've gone easy on you all today with this one, I think. Even though there is a slight twist.


It took a couple of days, but the crosshair did it. It was the catalyst for people to spot that the game in question was indeed TIE Fighter, one of the best Star Wars games ever made and one of the best game from the 1990's.

But today's a new day, and therefore a new scribble. Let's see how you all go.


It took a few hours, but eventually Rift_the_third spotted that yesterday's game wasn't that retro at all - because it was the camera control icons on the HUD for EVE Online.

Solid work, mate. Now let's see how you (and everyone else) fares today.


So I have to apologise: yesterday's ScribbleTaku was actually way harder than it should have been. Kaiser6012 actually nailed it as PowerMonger in the end, but he also spotted that the original drawing was from the WW1 expansion that was released on PC - while the second hint was from the Sega Genesis version.

My bad, but Kaiser did damn well to spot it all the same. Nice work! But today's a new game; let's see how you go.