While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, wrapped in the dozy tortilla known as a blanket, stuff happened. Video game stuff. For your convenience, we've rounded up the highlights of last night's (and this past weekend's) news and put them right here, on this page! (Wow!)

If you weren't paying attention over the weekend, we announced the winners for Kotaku's favourite mobile broadband provider and favourite ISP. These results were determined by readers, so if you think the polls should have swung a different way, hop into the posts and let us know who you think should have won and why.

This past weekend also marked the 10th anniversary of Jak and Daxter. It's easy to forget that this was one of Naughty Dog's earlier games given that this studio has since become so well-known for the Uncharted series.

Over in the UK, the classification authority has given an 18-rating to a game titled "Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition" ... oh man, will this mean a re-release of one of the most bad-arse fighting games ever?

Finally, the dreamy Kirk Hamilton discovered what he believes to be the best worst heavy metal LARP video ever.

In short Kotaku's favourite mobile broadband provider: the results are in Kotaku's favourite ISP: the results are in Happy 10th anniversary, Jak and Daxter British listing teases Mortal Kombat re-release Wizardcore LARP rock: whatever you call it, this is the best worst heavy metal video in possibly forever


    *tabs foot impatiently*

    where is our TAY? is it still sleeping?

    *rocks back and forth*
    so...so cold

      My 2-yr-old has a great vocabulary but he still leaves 's' off the start of words that start with 's'. Therefore I read your opening comment as "*Stabs foot impatiently*" Ow!

    Those pups are wretchedly adorable. Just sayin', is all.

    "Naughty Dog’s earlier games given that this studio has since become so well-known for the Uncharted series."

    how could they not be well know for Crash Banicoot? The best Non Nintendo Platformer of that generation.

      Agreed. I loved the first three games. They were aimed at kids but boy were they challenging.

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