Sony Refutes Claim That Developers Are Abandoning The PS Vita

Sony Refutes Claim That Developers Are Abandoning The PS Vita

Last week, former Japan IGDA head Kiyoshi Shin wrote an article in Nikkei, the country’s leading business paper, where he mentioned that “major” publishers were cancelling their PS Vita projects to pursue opportunities on the 3DS instead. Sony, as expected, has refuted Shin’s broad claim.

Speaking with Gamasutra, the company’s senior VP of Worldwide Studios, Scott Rohde, called the quote “extremist” and “largely exaggerated”. 16 game developers fall under the Worldwide Studios umbrella, including Polyphony Digital of Gran Turismo fame and Naughty Dog, creators of the Uncharted franchise.

In fact, Rohde doesn’t put much weight in the statement at all. From Gamasutra:

“I mean, obviously, there is no way anyone could stand in front of a camera and say that all developers are changing focus from one platform to another, no matter what it is … I know many, many, many third party developers and publishers are feverishly working on Vita titles, not just for now, but for the foreseeable future.”

While the PS Vita has has a rough launch, I doubt many developers have dropped the platform completely from their line-ups. Expressed doubts, perhaps, even put a few projects on the back-burner, but abandoning the handheld altogether?

It’s too early to pass judgement on the Vita, especially as the console has yet to launch in the US (and here). It’s not like everyone chucked a Sir Robin after the 3DS’ slow start (though some publisher probably did reconsider certain projects), and it’s since gone from strength to strength. Heck, Sony’s own PS3 took its time to rev up.

I’d say Shin probably has had some contact with developers who have gone cold on the Vita, developers prominent enough that he felt confident he could go public with the news.

Is Vita losing developer support already? Sony responds [Gamasutra]


  • Damn, Kotaku’s really quick to report whether or not Sony’s fucked up. I wonder if that has something to do with their xbox bias.

    • Bias? Really?

      It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact the Vita is launching in a few days. How silly of us to post about it!

        • Because saying he doubts it’s true and pointing out the PS3 is successful after a slow start is BIASED AS ALL GET OUT!!

          Soon he will be doing articles on how a Vita game is enjoyable and then I will know that his Xbox bias has got the better of him.

    • Yeah, so much bias. That’s why they’ve reported multiple times on the hacking/phishing issues regarding Xbox live more frequently and thoroughly than any other gaming site I’ve seen.

      • Except they openly treated it like it wasn’t a problem, as opposed to say, the PSN attack, where they beat Sony to all fuck with it.

        • Many Xbox Live accounts Continue to get hacked? Not that big of a deal.

          One large problem with PSN that has since been fixed, knowing the same method used actually Won’t work twice? “Doesn’t matter that it can’t happen again, it still happened so let’s treat it like the world’s ended. “

        • The headline for one of those articles was ‘Microsoft Is Not Doing Enough To Help Xbox Live “Hack” Victims’. I’d dare say that’s hardly treating it as something that’s not an issue. They also go on to attack the way that Microsoft was dealing with the whole ordeal. I fully agree with you that Sony copped way too much over the PSN hack and IMO Sony handled the whole ordeal as well as they could. The main issue was that all their consumers lost access to PSN for a pretty long time, this obviously irritating a lot of people and causing these people and others to make a lot of noise about it. The way Microsoft has dealt with it’s security issues has been appalling until recently. The constant denial is disgusting in my opinion. I never noticed Kotaku paying out on Sony any more than any other gaming site but I may be incorrect on that one… I’m going to have to disagree on this one, no offense intended though.

      • You mean copy and pasted Microsoft’s PR spin? Kotaku does seem to play down that issue.

        Anyway, this article doesn’t seem to be attacking Sony, if anything it is reiterating that the claims made by Shin are probably exaggerated. That it’s unlikely devs would just abandon Vita projects. Did anyone who commented bother to read the article? Or did you all just prefer to attack the author instead?

        • sorry guys the ms bias conspiracy theory is weak at best. You’re seriously embarassing yourselves and exposing your own sony bias ironically.

          Be like myself, own all platforms and love them all equally 🙂

          • It not a conspiracy theory. Critical articles about Microsoft on Kotaku do seem to be more forgiving than ones about Sony. Actually, come to think of it, that seems to be true on more than a few gaming news sites. People’s fanatical hatred of Sony and everything they do is overwhelmingly outweighed by any Sony fanboys. If you think that’s is false, it is you who are embarrassing yourself.

  • Ridiculous. All this hate for the Vita is just for press. Here in Australia GAME have completely sold out of Wi-Fi models and I don’t see why not.

    $350, the same amount I originally PAID for the 3DS for a system so much more technically advanced.

    It’s a portable console that can give a non “portable” experience.

    Hardly a rough launch. It’s not even out in the majority of places. They picked out the 3DS to make news and they’re doing the same thing with the Vita.

    Only to me, the vita seems much stronger. With a wide array of launch titles and PS3 crossplatform (dragons crown anyone?

    • I wouldnt read too much into the sales here – australia has been renarkably pro sony compared to otger markets. What matters is how it does in the US, because if it were as bad as the Japanese launch itll be game over for the vita inside six months.

      • This. I think the only reason the original PSP did as well as it did was simply down to Japan still going crazy for the PSP for most of it’s lifecycle. With Vita sales other then the first two weeks in Japan being pretty terrible – i think it is still being outsold by the original PSP (not sure) – it will fall on the US and to a lesser extent the Euro market to try and lift the Vita. If what happens in Japan, happens again in those two markets then i think it is a very accurate assumption to make that lots of major third party developers and publishers will simply shift focus away from the vita and focus on other handhelds and mobile devices.

    • the wi-fi model is sold out at game?Damn! I only just caved in today & was planning on doing a mass trade in towards a Vita at game tomorrow! Hopefully they won’t be long before getting more & I can anyway.

  • Realistically the VIta simply will NOT sell as much as the 3DS… But it doesn’t need to, it needs to sell ENOUGH. I don’t think Sony once thought, ‘Hey we can outsell the 3DS’.

    Power in good titles and hardware is what they are banking on, I for one will throw money at them for it!

    • Well said.
      The PSP is the most successful, non-nintendo handheld ever.
      Just because it wasn’t as successful as the DS, doesn’t mean it was not a success.
      Same goes for the Vita.

      • I’ll add my agreement to this point. You don’t hear anyone calling the iOS phones a failure even though they haven’t sold as much as the android phones.

        • android phones come from different makers, brands etc.

          iphones come from apple only.

          not comparable. besides we all know ICS kills ios 😉

      • “The PSP is the most successful, non-nintendo handheld ever.”

        Coming second when there is only one other competitor doesn’t mean much 😛

        • SEGA Game Gear
          Neo Geo

          “The PSP is the most successful, non-nintendo handheld ever.”

          • Really dude? You sure are stretching to defend Sony here. You’re bringing up handhelds that came at a time when handhelds were new territory for companies. So of course the sales figures of those handhelds will be lower than the PSP numbers, because there were more options and handhelds weren’t a commonly accepted part of every kids inventory of gadgets.

            To even think of including them when looking at PSP and DS sales is ridiculously laughable. You don’t see Sony promoting their sales figures for TVs by comparing them to manufacturers from the 40’s or Toyota comparing the sales of their latest Camry to the sales of a Model T Ford do you?

          • I understand what your saying and to an extent I agree with you, but you didn’t give a very good example because I’m pretty sure Toyota had a limited edition Corolla when their production run exceeded that of the model T, as did Volkswagon with the beetle.

          • Okay, how about Dell promoting it’s latest Alienware tower by saying it’s outsold the Amstrad CPC 464.

          • They were competing with Nintendo, as did the PSP. I’m not stretching at all. Just trying to help you understand why your reasoning is flawed.
            The handheld business was new to all those company, in the same way it was for Sony.
            It is a totally logical benchamark.
            I’m not comparing their sales to PSP & DS sales. I’m comparing their sales against the Nintendo handhelds at that time. Are you really struggling to understand or are you just acting dim for the sake of comedy?

            I’ll try and simplify it for you:
            I am not comparing Game Gear against PSP/DS figures.
            I am comparing Game Gear’s success against the original Game Boy’s success.
            In comparison to all those handhelds competing with Nintendo’s current handheld at that time, the PSP was a much greater success.

            I’m comparing the scenario:
            Manufacturer 1 circa 1990 vs Manufacturer 2 circa 1990
            Manufacturer 1 circa 2005 vs Manufacturer 2 circa 2006

          • Okay then, for your point to work can you please provide the total global sales figures for each and every handheld you mentioned compared to the Gameboy? Keep in mind you’ll have to take into account the lifespan of each device because it would be unfair to compare two products if one was only around for two years and the gameboy around for 4 years. You also have to take into account any regions that certain devices weren’t released in as that would also affect global sales figures. Also, don’t forget to take into account the difference in sales caused by handhelds that only had one device (no revisions/re-releases) if their lifespan corresponded with gameboy revisions.

            Bring me those figures then you can prove your original point.

          • Also, Scenario 2 should read;

            Manufacturer 1 circa 2004/2005 (for all regions) vs Manufacturer 2 circa 2004/2005 (for all regions).

          • No I’m not. You’re the one who made a claim with no facts to back it up. If you want to say something as if it is a proven fact then prove it. You explicitly stated the following;

            “The PSP is the most successful, non-nintendo handheld ever.”

            Please prove it.

          • No, you really are being absurd. I don’t even know why I’m bothering.
            Game Boy/Colour – 1989/98 – ~118m
            GB Advance – 2001 – ~86m
            DS – 2004 – ~151m
            3DS – 2011 – ~15m
            Game Gear – 1990 – ~11m
            Lynx – 1989 – ~5m
            Neo Geo – 1998 – ~2m
            Gizmondo – 2005 – ~.02m
            PSP – 2004 – ~75m
            I’m not going to waste my time explaining all this to you, since this is getting ridiculous, but you should be able to figure it out from that info.
            I apologise for the GB and GB colour being combined, but I tried various sites and that’s all I could find.

          • Cmon man, we both know that NOTHING can be properly determined from that as it lacks the details necessary to be a FAIR comparison. I wouldn’t have brought up the figures of the PSP vs DS if it was unfair to do so.

            They both had similar release dates, they both had a similar number of revisions to promote/boost sales (5 for PSP, 4 for DS), they both saw releases in all regions, they were both from well established companies and so on.

            So the points I made about what to do with the sales figures of handhelds from yesteryear are rather necessary for there to be a proper comparison. A comparison that you brought into the debate. If you’re unwilling to back up your claims with facts then yes we are done here and the PSP is not, as you claim, “most successful, non-nintendo handheld ever”.

          • lol. eff actually put a little time to research this and provided pretty good information. you lost chazz.

          • How so? Can you show me how the numbers provided can be used for a detailed comparison? Is there a way to determine the number of revisions of each device in that list? The timespan of each revision if they existed? The release dates of those devices in each region? I could go on but I don’t need to. That alone shows the data Eff provided to be severely inadequate.

          • Like I said, you should be able to figure it out yourself from the info I provided.
            If you can’t, that is your deficiency.
            The data provided was not severely inadequate and your bizarre reasoning certainly doesn’t prove that it was.
            You appear to be in some desperate state of delusion.
            I pity you.

            And I pity myself for choosing to converse with you.
            I have commited a cardinal sin.
            I fed the troll.

          • Chazz, you’ve made me curious…why are you so grumpy all the time? Most of the time when I see you commenting here you’re arguing about something that didn’t even require an argument in the first place. Is this the place you go to vent because in your offline life you don’t get to vent about things?

          • ~o=
            *Takes Effluvium Boy by the arm and launches into the air*
            SUPER NERD! AWAAAAAAaaayyyyy…

          • Late response to Strange;
            I just get irked by people who refuse to call a spade a spade and then go on to say they’re shoveling gold when they shovel shit.

            Late response to Eff;
            My criteria was laid out to balance the two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT market environments you’re trying to compare. You’re the one who is delusional in even contemplating the two to be comparable without a system of checks and balances in place.

  • I thought the 3DS tanked a bit anyway… the suggestion that people are abandoning a new platform to go back to one that had such a mediocre reception seems silly to me.

      • Okay, ignore my stupidity there (The damn thing hasn’t been out that long >.<)

        "The 3DS is also the fastest selling console in Australia, with 200,000 units sold through 37 weeks of availability. The 3DS overtook sales of all other consoles, handheld and home, to claim this record." ~Wiki

  • If this is even true, I’d wait to see WHICH developers are abandoning it. If It’s Shovelware Inc., who cares?

    If it’s Square….or MH…..well that’s more serious.

    Either way, Sony has a huge portfolio of developers that come under their umbrella, like Naughty Dog. There’s enough if them, and they’re good enough, that the PSV could still do moderately well with just those.

        • Who is Chazz? Please elaborate within the context of this article. Hahahaha. Seriously though, i’m a newfriend and dont know who he is.

          • Ahh fresh fish! As Eff eloquently put it, I’m “highly opinionated” so keep an eye out for me, I’m sure you’ll get some laughs, both at what I say and at my expense.

            Either way, welcome to KotakuAU I’m sure you’ll enjoy it around here.

          • Just some scrub who likes to post here a lot about how some guy ruined Gears of War 3 for him.

    • Sorry hun, did ya miss me? 😛

      If we actually had names of what developers are dropping the platform or at the least holding off on getting involved with it then I’d probably have something to say. If you want though I can try and make something out of it and go on a rant. I even have some beer in the fridge so I could sink a few and do it while drunk 😛

  • I really just don’t want a hd, console game experience that won’t even fit in my pocket. It seems like this is the way Sony is pushing it and its something I just don’t want. I already have a ps3. I’d rather something more tailor-made for handheld gaming and Mario kart, Mario 3d and Revelations fit that bill perfectly. Until I see something that pushes a real handheld designed experience over just raw power, I’ll give it a miss.

  • Oh my, someone has an opinion. Quick everyone, drop everything and listen to him! I really don’t know why Sony would even buy into it in all honesty, he’s just one person. Regardless of status or influence.

    @Average, i’m sorry if you believe that you truly are an idiot. I read this article as fair reporting for both sides of the issue. You silly sausage.

  • Remember the 3DS? A tonne of games for it were cancelled, like Saints Row etc, and launch window Kid Icarus STILL ISNT OUT YET!

    Every platform has games cancelled for it on a regular basis.

  • I say this without sarcasm, Could the reason for the Vita’s weak launch is because its more expensive then a brand new PS3?

  • No way Vita devs are abandoning it before the launch of it OUTSIDE of Japan. It’s just not common sense.

  • And here it is i was hoping that the developers have smartened up and realized that people are only buying the Vita because it’s going to go the same route as the PSP (aka easily hacked).

    Let’s face it, people don’t buy PSP games, and they won’t bother buying Vita games. The system will be cracked in 3 months and any developer stupid enough to keep releasing games for it will be losing money because there isn’t a PSP/Vita owner (Don’t BS me that you do buy games when you know deep down that you pirate them) won’t buy anything.

    On the other hand, look at the 3DS. Almost a year old and there have been no easily done or available hacks or flash cards for the system. (For comparison, the PSP was released in March 2005 for the US, and the first firmware update to stop the hacks was released in May 2005.)

    • Well clearly you know me better than I know myself, since, last time I checked, I hadn’t pirated any games for my PSP.

    • Clearly you are a bit silly to think that no one bought psp games. If that was the case why would any devs make psp games or Sony continue with the psp or vita.
      Even my 11 yr old nephew has a very nice collection of UMDs.

    • The PSP is pirated a lot, but not noticeably more than the DS was. I know parents who buy DSes for their children “because you get this R4 game and then they can play any game they want.” And yes, they are totally obvious as to why.

      I seriously hope retailers at least try to take it seriously here though. All but one of my PSP games are imported, and the one that wasn’t took me a whole day to track it down. If I have to jump through so many hoops to get something other than the usual Sony games (God of War, GT etc), I can sympathise with people who just don’t bother and take the easy way out.

      • I used to work at EB and I can tell you that I lost count of amount of times that a parent would buy a DS then proceed to ask “whether we had those cards that let you play any game you want on it”…to which I always had to reply that “It is Piracy and we do not sell that product”

        I had this asked of me a countless number of times when I worked at EB. I always thought that the piracy was rampant on both systems, but on the DS it was far easier to do then it was on the PSP…the PSP you still had to jump through hoops with the whole pandoras battery, then downgrading firmware….I always used to suspect that it was a minority of the marketing pirating the PSP where as the DS seemed far more rampant because of the ease of obtaining an R4 card and the ease involving using it

    • Wow. . . That is some top quality delusional Nintendo fanboyism right there. I have to also add my name to the “I must be imagining my pile of UMD’s” list that seems to be growing here.

      First of all it’s kinda unfair to compare the 3DS to the PSP, since there is a near 7 year gap between the development/launch of the two systems, and everyone here would agree that measures to curb piracy have become more complex, and more successful over that period.

      It would be fairer to compare the PSP with the DS, but that doesn’t work well with the focal point of your argument because the DS was cracked just as badly, if not worse by pirates. Yes I know a handful of my friends who own cracked PSP’s, but I know a lot more people who own DS’s running R4 carts.

      I have no doubt that both the 3DS and the Vita will be cracked eventually, it’s been an evitabilty for all consoles released. Hell people have been able to crack the 3DS to run pirated DS games and prototypes have already been made to play cracked 3DS games, it’s inevitable. I guess Sony is hoping in this regard the Vita will be more like the PS3, than the PSP.

  • We are all ignoring the most important part of the article.

    Month Python can claim another neologism. Ecky ecky pehtang!

  • Oh you guys with the “Kotaku is like totes xbox fans and hating on Sony”… really?

    First up, you can’t compare the articles on the PSN hacks to the XBL issues same way you don’t compare a real car crash to bashing two matchbox cars together.
    Secondly, if there is any bias in this article it’s in favour of Sony. If this were biased it would be titled “Developers Are Abandoning The PS Vita” and Logan wouldn’t be pointing out things like the slow launch of the 3DS. (Love the Holy Grail reference btw).

    Fanbois gotta chill, yo!

  • Seems fairly likely to me. Publishers have been shown to be extremely fickle when it comes to cancelling products on platforms. Just take a look at all of the articles on the mass cancellation of games on the 3DS, and the 3DS’ launch looks like a massive success compared to the Vita’s. The main difference in the story is that the Vita has an extremely successful 3DS as competition, so if anything I would expect the publishers to be even less tolerant of the Vita’s slow sales.

  • This goes out to Zap and all my other fans;

    Of course Sony are going to refute the claims. How many companies would actually come out on the cusp of the release of their new product and say “HEY EVERYBODY, NO ONE WANTS TO WORK WITH US ON THIS PLATFORM SO IT’S REALLY GONNA SUCK”? None. So what’s the point of Sony’s response to Shin’s article? There is none, it’s about as pointless as the Vita itself. Empty and with no real worth.

    Either way, Shin’s article is not going to turn out to be complete bs or overly-exaggarated. How do I know? It’s called logic. Developers are going to look at their options and look at Sony and they are going to reconsider putting time and money into Vita products. Why? Well would you guys invest in one thing when you could invest in something else and make more money? No. That would be stupid. Developers will have to take into account the thrashing the PSP took from the DS;

    PSP Global units sold to date 73,315,929 (last week 52,806)
    DS Global units sold to date 151,481,251 (last week 55,357)

    Then there is the software (again global figures);
    PSP 258,253,912 (last week 329,469)
    DS 720,608,810 (last week 592,656)

    Look at that! There is no competition in the slightest. The PSP can’t even hit 50% of the DS’s totals. Also, keep in mind that the figures for the DS were actually rather low last week. Normally the thrashing is even worse.

    Plus, developers will also take note of how long it’s taken the PS3 to actually have a decent number of units sold to justify being in third place.
    Sony’s hold on the gaming market is not very good and investing time and money with them would be risky especially when there is a far safer and far more profitable option already available.

    So suck it up Sony fans, we’re looking at the start of Sony’s decline. Chazz predicts Sony will be this decades Sega.


      Perhaps you could consult Bugatti on their failing business.

      Like I said before, just because their sales figues aren’t as high, doesn’t mean they are a failure.
      It’s a high performance product with a limited market. It’s highly unlikely it will outsell a Nintendo handheld, no one can deny that, but to take that as an indication that the product will ‘fail’ is just naive.

      Then again, I grew up on SEGA, so perhaps I have a thing for failures.

      • You can’t really compare the two. Bugatti don’t sell at a loss and Bugatti don’t need third party companies (developers) to make their products actually sell.

        If developers drop the Vita because they can make more money on the 3DS then Sony are going to be in big trouble.

        • Pretty sure you’ll find that bugatti lost somewhere in the vicinity of half a million pounds on every Veyron they sold.

          • Fair enough, my biggest point still stands though. They don’t rely on an automotive industry equivalent of game developers to sell their cars therefore you can’t compare the two as they are very very different markets.

    • As much as I’d LOVE to agree with you… I love to DISagree even more 🙂

      After the PS3’s obvious sales troubles early on, and the overall lack of performance from the PSP in the western world, I think they have taken a step back before jumping into this one.

      Yes.. they can’t ride off hardware alone, as the PS3 proved, but maybe I’m simply mentally out of whack, but the PS Vita launch titles give me a MUCH bigger boner than the 3DS did.. And I bought a 3DS regretfully. Regardless of what Developers are or are not leaving/ jumping on board, I’d be VERY surprised if Sony hasn’t already got a nice plan ahead for the next year for the Vita’s growth.

      If they didn’t then yes say goodbye to Sony.. But I really don’t think that’s the case at all. Their in house studios for the most part are actually releasing good quality games in a timely fashion for the roll out of the portable. Even the ports like MVC3 and others look AMAZING on the PS Vita. When the 3DS came out and SF4 and others were released, I cringed. They looked horrid and played worse.

      This is MEANT to be a handle held gaming console, on par with our current generation of console. If it achieves that while managing some innovative features and MOST importantly, good releases.. Then I think it’s going to do just fine.


        Glad you enjoyed it. Never had someone want me to rant before 😛

    • This is gonna be fun, you appear to be the type of person who wants Sony to fail because well . . . you hate them clearly. Well whatever I want to look at some of your figures here.

      First off I’m not going to refute any of your figures, they seem accurate enough. Then again I highly doubt anyone expected the PSP, the first handheld released by a company who up to that point had no experience in the area going up against the company who had for all intents and purposes owned the market since day 1. But while you claim that 73+ million units sold is horrible and it can’t even hit 50% of the DS sales (mostly made up of people rebuying the same console every time Nintendo released a revision, something Sony is also guilty of) that’s still much better than other companies have fared competing with Nintendo in this market, not to mention a relatively large consumer base you are saying are irrelevant simply because a competitor has a larger one. If this has ever been true the PS3 and 360 would not have the sizable game libraries they have because every developer would have abandoned them since the Wii had a larger fan base, clearly this did not happen.

      Even so, 73+ million units sold is really not that bad for a first try, it has sold more units globally than the SEGA Game Gear, Neo Geo, Lynx, Wonderswan, N-Gage and Gizmondo combined, not to mention it’s sold more units globally than both the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo Gamecube, combined.

      Which brings me to my next point, you predicting that Sony will be this generations Sega, I’m not sure if you are trolling with the comment, but I’ll refute it none the less. If you think that because a console is coming ‘last’ as you call it (just so you know according to the ever reliable Wikipedia, the only place the 360 is beating the PS3 in units sold is the US, and maybe Canada given the lack of current data available) will mean the developer is going to give up the ghost, Nintendo would have done that after the Gamecube was getting thrashed by the Playstation 2 and was being beaten by the Xbox, a scenario which sounds every familiar doesn’t it.

      I doubt the Vita is going to be a commercial failure, if they are able to gain the consumer base the PSP did, it will be enough for developers to wish to invest in. Hell, developers invested in the Gamecube when it only had a little under a third of the consumer base the PSP does .

      • You can look at my response to Eff about bringing up other handhelds as the nature of the handhelds market was so vastly different to what it is now that using them as an example of the PSP doing well does not work. It’s two completely different environments.

        As for the 360? Well it’s backed Microsoft, a company that is still at the top of it’s game in most areas and growing well in the tablet/phone market. It’s a far safer investment. Sony on the other hand are losing ground in every area and rely on brand loyalty to keep investors coming in.

        I mean it’s Sony, they were a big name for such a long time that investors would probably think “hey they’ll probably turn this around” but now that they’re starting to pick up pace in a downwards direction in multiple areas? Investors will be less likely to work with Sony as the chance of things turning around becomes less.

      • Also, for the record, I don’t hate Sony. While they worked I loved every second of owning a PS1 and PS2. Diablo 1 on the PS1 is what got me into PC gaming, MGS1 was one of the most amazing gaming experiences of my life. Playing hockey and wrestling games on the PS2 with my cousin resulted in sooo many great school holidays and weekends. So many good memories.


        I just think that since the PS2 was such a success they feel they can survive just because they’re Sony. They don’t try to compete they just coast along and it’s clearly catching up to them. Everything they make now can be topped by a competitor (I’m saying this in more of a general sense of their overall product quality/feature-set and pricing) and they don’t seem to be doing anything to change it.

        • I would say the “slow start” of the PS3 has actually humbled them. I would say that getting their asses kicked by both the Wii and DS also humbled them a little.

          Otherwise…how do you explain the US $299 price tag? Clearly they didn’t want to make another mistake like they did with the PS3…or how do you explain the fact that they actually seeked software developers opinions to help them build the Vita (something they have never done in the past, and was usually a source of complaint that Sony did not extend to developers at times)

          I think that getting your ass handed to you humbles you…and I think that is exactly what Sony have experienced this generation

  • I do not see how the handheld market has changed all that significantly over time. It is as it always has been for the most part still Nintendo with a lion’s share of the consumer base; the only real difference now is there is another market which is slowly gaining legitimacy as handheld platform whilst simultaneously questioning the necessity of having dedicated gaming handhelds going forward.

    For the longest time Nintendo got by merely getting their portable consoles incremental hardware updates (Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance) it’s only real substantial change was the DS, for obvious reasons.

    With that in mind I find it hard to discredit Sony on its effort, even if it wasn’t able to reach half of the units sold the DS did, it had more of a market share than the second best non Nintendo handheld did. The Sega Game Gear sold during its lifetime 11 million units, less than 10% of the units Nintendo sold during the life time of the Game Boy Line (Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light and Colour units)

    As for Sony going down, I’m assuming you mean by them forecasting annual losses. Which is true, they’re about to predict a record loss (I think it’s about $17 Billion) However to blame all that on people abandoning Sony is unfair as there are many other factor to take into account, Such as the strong Japanese Yen which is hurting exports (something that is hurting companies like Sony, Panasonic and Sharp) and overseas competitors (such as Samsung, based in South Korea) taking advantage of this situation to increase their own market share.

    • Damnit, this is a reply to your first reply to me Chazz,

      Also don’t worry I’m pretty much the same, I have a 3DS on my desk right now and I do think Sony should have done more with the PS3 instead of thinking people would buy it simply because it was a Playstation. I just don’t think Sony is in as bad a position as you think they are.

    • About the Gamegear, I actually just made a post to Eff above that points out how there are other variables that change the situation by quite a bit. You made one of the points clear in your post just then. Comparing the Gamegear sales to the ENTIRE lifespan of the Gameboy. Not really a legitimate comparison.

      And the handheld market is hugely different (this is strictly handhelds I’m talking, not smartphones etc). Back at the start of the handheld market there was nothing like it, nor was it a standard thing most kids or even adults had. It was fresh territory, so you had a lot of people enter the market with their device and sales were vastly different because of local and global economies, cost of living etc and the aforementioned point of it being something most kids were expected to own.

      • I’ll agree with you on the first point, it is unfair to compare the sale of the Game Gear to the entirity of the Game Boy line, I only made that comparison because I don’t think it’s possible to find information regaridng the amount of Game Boy units sold during the time the Game Gear was supported. However one thing that should be noted is that the PSP will be the first console to effectively survive the entirity of a handheld generation competing with Nintendo.

        • That last point we can definitely agree on but without a comparable scenario we can’t say whether it’s an amazing accomplishment or something to be expected. 😛

          Also, those figures will be out there but would probably be really hard to find.

      • The fact that the Game Boy lasted so long, whereas the Game Gear didn’t, just further proves my point.
        Isn’t that a pretty solid indication of its success/lack thereof.
        The point made by Ruen (“However one thing that should be noted is that the PSP will be the first console to effectively survive the entirity of a handheld generation competing with Nintendo.”) is testament to the “amazing accomplishment”, since it is the first to accomplish such a task.

          • I guess I’ll continue my conversation down here,

            I made the same claim (most Successful Non-Nintendo Handheld) in an earlier post, and I stand by that.

            I think the fact that there is no comparable scenario in and of itself is proof enough, since no other console had made that feat to compare with the PSP.

          • But what hard data exists to which we could compare?

            By discrediting what is being suggested eventually will yeild the same result though the process of elimination. What else is there, until the end of this generation and then we compare the success of the PSP with the success of the Vita, at that end however a Sony handheld still ends up being the most successful non-Nintendo handheld

          • That’s my point as stated below. There is no hard data therefore one can not say it’s amazing accomplishment for the PSP to survive the same length time as the DS.

            I don’t know where exactly the Vita comes into any of this though. The only points being contested are;

            a) PSP being the most successful handheld of all time
            b) PSP surviving the length of the DS’s lifespan being an amazing accomplishment


          • The reason I brought up the Vita is because it is in the best position at the moment to provide the hard data needed to be able to find out what is the most successful non Nintendo handheld (I’m getting really sick of writing that line out -_-) once this handheld generation ends.

            Regarding the PSP surviving, I feel the fact that no other company managed to acomplish this feat until Sony is indicative of it’s difficulty, yet thats no different than you saying that acomplishing that was by luck.

          • Well for the Vita to help will take several years most likely but that still doesn’t cover the previous handhelds the gameboy has competed with. Thus without those sales figures (and subsequent percentages) the claim could only be made but still not proven to be true. :S

          • To say it another way, you can call it an “amazing accomplishment”, I can call it “luck”. It’s a situation that can only be described based on opinion as there is nothing to compare it to in order to determine the difficulty (for lack of a better word) of doing such a thing.

  • Several points
    a) All the people screaming ‘xbox bias’ what is this Digital Foundry??
    b) Remember that a LOT of 3DS games got cancelled last year creating the impression of an exodus there too – in fact apart from Ubisoft there’s hardly any western development on the console.

  • The PSP was a success…anyway you cut it, it was a success

    Was it a juggernaut like the DS? No of course not….but did it manage to survive against that juggernaut? Yes…did it manage to outsell both the original Xbox and Gamecube? Yes…Did it hold its own against the DS or did it crumble, collapse and go the way of the Game Gear? Clearly it held its own

    Sure it never got the mainstream mass market like the DS…but it did certainly manage to capture its own audience and pass the 70 million mark…which any way you cut it, is still impressive for a non-nintendo handheld

  • And Chazz…many years ago, people predicted that Nintendo would be the next Sega…and look what happened there

    I don’t think Sony will be the next Sega, because the biggest difference between Sony and Sega is that Sony isn’t developing consoles and add ons to compete against themselves like Sega did

    Look at Sega’s past. This was a company that had the Mega Drive, the Mega CD, the 32X, the Game Gear and eventually the Sega Saturn all on the market at the same time thus somehow managing to compete against themselves.

    Meanwhile Nintendo played it smart and had one base system in the SNES followed but up by their next base system, the N64

    Sega was its own worst enemy, they over extended themselves too much and as a result they alienated their audience.

    Sony has yet to do this….What have they got on the market right now, the PSP (which is in its dying days), the PSVita (which is in its early days) and the PS3 (which is hitting its peak)…That’s three systems on the active market today.

    As opposed to Sega’s shoddy effort of 5 systems/add-ons all trying to compete with one another and in result, alienating the audience.

    I don’t think Sony will be the next Sega.

    • And that’s coming from a Sega fanboy who absolutely loved his Dreamcast and Mega Drive…the key difference is that Sega was its own worst enemy and helped itself self destruct…Sony has yet to do this

      • Sega also appeared to have an American division which didn’t speak to its Japanese parent a whole lot – IIRC they had a system in development in the US and canned it after having found out about the Saturn!

        The Dreamcast may have been Sega’s last system – but the Saturn was its nadir – there was a system that you could only find in specialty store back in the days before EB Games and JB Hi Fi!

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