Tired Of Waiting For Black Mesa? Play This Insane HD Half-Life Mod Right Now

Mark wrote earlier this week about the sorry state of Black Mesa, the ambitious Half-Life remake mod for Half-Life 2. If you simply cannot wait, there's another way to get a fresh lick of paint on everyone's favourite particle science facility. And by "lick of paint" I mean "high-resolution texture pack".

According to DSO Gaming, this texture pack was completed only recently and is designed for the original Half-Life, not the Source-powered Half-Life 2. It can be downloaded here (direct link, 700MB) along with this patch file.

Getting it to work is straightforward. From DSO:

All you have to do is copy everything that is located in the 'hl1' folder into your existing directory. You will also need to copy the enb series into your Half-Life source engine folder (if you're using the Steam version). Once this has been done you simply run the Half-Life source exe file to load up the game.

Everyone should have a copy of Half-Life by now, given that it's been included in so many Valve compilations and Steam sales, but even if you don't own it, it's a reasonable $US10 on Steam.

Sure, it's not Black Mesa, but anyone who's ever played the likes of Morrowind or Oblivion with a user-created texture pack knows the startling difference clearer pixels can make.

Black Mesa: Source Alternative; Enjoy Half-Life with HD graphics and textures [DSO Gaming]

Images: DSO Gaming / Guru3D


    Looks pretty sweet! Definitely a stop-gap before Black Mesa hits. And as we all know, you can never play Half Life too many times.

    I'm pretty sure this is only for Half-life: Source... Not Half-life.
    If not, please give me some installation instructions :D

    The best way to re-live this game is with svencoop.

    I've got a theory: valve is waiting for black Mesa and they're going to launch episode 3 simultaneously. hence the huge wait.

      So never? =(

      Your silly theory was denied many times by BM devs. Valve doesn't care about Black Mesa. BM team doesn't even has access to Portal 2's sdk like Indie developers have - they HAVE to use old Source 2007...

        i'm not saying that they're working together. just that they'll launch simultaneously.it'll be the end of the series and that will be that. People will be able to play through from woe to go all in HD.

    Anyone know of a Halo Combat Evolved mod similar to this?

      Yes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9TzjhVSYH0&feature=related

    Link for file doesnt seem to be working, any other mirrors too thx

    Been holding off on playing through HL1 until Black Mesa came out but yeah i'm pretty over waiting now so I think I'll just give this a go as it looks pretty awesome. Can anyone confirm whether its for regular half or half source though? I only have the former.

      Black Mesa will come out this year for 100% and probably even before summer, so this is the best moment to give up :D

    Yeah, this is for Half Life: Source. Funny they would say the 'Original' version like the one that actually came on CD all those years ago (Which i still have and just tried using with this, failed badly).

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