While You Were Sleeping: E3 Edition

While you were sleeping? Well, this is possibly the first time I've started writing this post literally while you were sleeping. It's E3 time, and a whole bunch of people stayed up with me for the Microsoft Liveblog. If you didn't (and even if you did) here's a nice little round up of what you missed.

Well, the conference kicked off with Halo 4, which actually looked a bit spiffy — a real step up visually, and some interesting new additions that I enjoyed. In particular it looks as though they're adding some new weapons and enemies to the sandbox. Hopefully it doesn't mess up the balance too much...

Sam Fisher made his return and mostly killed terrorists in a Jack Bauer-esque fashion. Looked slick and featured some interesting new additions to the Splinter Cell core mechanics. Still, story looks a bit bleh.

Black Ops 2 looked a lot like a Call of Duty game. Had multiple explosions and attempts to outdo the 'nuke' scene from Modern Warfare. Like all Call of Duty games.

The surprise of the show for me personally was the Xbox SmartGlass, which actually looks interesting. It's a device that allows you to hook up any smartphone/tablet to your Xbox. Very smart — the tagline clearly is 'it works with the devices you already own', which is exactly what it needs to be. Very, very interesting. I hate to use the buzzword, but it could be a genuine 'gamechanger'.

The South Park game actually looked pretty interesting, Resident Evil 6 fell flat for me, but you might disagree. Tomb Raider had bows and arrows and lots of stuff that felt quite 'Uncharted-ey'.

And I think that wraps it up! Check out our E3 tag for more info, because there's a lot of stuff going on!

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