The Best Bargains From EB's Mid-Year Sales

If you've been missing some discounted YOLO SWAG in your life, then here's the pick of the litter from EB's annual mid-year sale.

The sale is a half price on the sticker price of items, which initially sounds great. You have to look closely for the right deals, however, as there have been plenty of discounts in-store and online for more than 50% off (especially at places that weren't charging full RRP in the first place).

But with a bit of digging, there's some good picks. There's a good discount on the special Pro Controllers for Switch fans, a bunch of cheap Xbox One titles, and solid $9 deals for PC games including The Surge and Quantum Break. The prices on some of the gaming mice aren't bad, either.

To scrub through everything available, head to the EB front page.


    I'd grab The Surge on console for $9...
    If I had time to play games...

    Half off preowned in many cases too, got uncharted 4 for 20 bucks

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