Five Top PS4 Amazon Australia Deals Today

Five Top PS4 Amazon Australia Deals Today
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Grab a discount on Death Stranding, Last of Us Part 2, F1 2020 or save on your Ghost Of Tsushima pre-order.

Amazon’s business is very much predicated on price cuts relative to its competitors, and that includes games of all types. Here’s some solid deals on very popular PS4 games to buy or pre-order.

Death Stranding: $49.56

Image: Death Stranding (PC)

Is Hideo Kojima a tortured auteur, an overindulged designer with some very specific fetishes or a visionary? Based on what 2020’s been like, Death Stranding may sit as too close to reality for some, so maybe there’s something to that visionary label at least.

Shenmue III: $15

True story: I don’t back that many kickstarters at all, but I backed the Shenmue III kickstarter, because it was Shenmue at long last. Then the waiting began as Yu Suzuki and his team put it all together. Of course, that means I do have a copy, and it’s really one of those games where it pays a lot to have played the originals first. Still, now you can too for not all that much money at all. No waiting (beyond delivery) involved at all.

Ghost of Tsushima: $68

Before you get too excited, you can’t actually have Ghost of Tsushima before next week, because it’s not actually out until the 17th of July. Amazon’s pricing is pretty decent on this one, and I’m probably more intrigued by Ghost of Tsushima than just about anything right now, if only for the prospect of some in-game fox petting. Who’s a good fox? You are, Mr Fox. You are.

The Last Of Us Part II: $68

Image: Supplied

Brutal honesty time: I’ve not played The Last Of Us Part II yet. Then again, I’ve not played The Last of Us either, so that feels a little more reasonable as a position to take. Your regular Kotaku Editor Alex Walker has, however, and his review (save the spoilery bits, which I’m not reading yet for obvious reasons) does tempt me a lot. If only there were more hours in the day!

F1 2020 Seventy Edition: $69

this week in games
Image: Codemasters

It is such a weird time in the sports world right now, because the COVID-19 crisis has seriously changed the way any sport can operate. F1 is no exception, and given that the actual F1 drivers went all Esports earlier in the year, you could make the case that buying the 2020 edition of the game was in some way training for the real thing.


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