Here’s How PlayStation Plus Collection Works

Here’s How PlayStation Plus Collection Works
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PlayStation Plus Collection is a new service launching alongside the PS5 on November 12. It’s an add-on to the existing PlayStation Plus subscription, and allows PS5 users to access a digital library of the best games from the PS4 era at no additional cost. Here’s how it works.

PlayStation Plus Collection: Price, Release Date

PlayStation Plus Collection launches alongside the PS5 on November 12 in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico and South Korea. It launches on November 19 for the rest of the world.

All PlayStation Plus subscribers who own a PS5 will gain access to PlayStation Plus Collection for no additional cost. That means you’ll pay $11.95 for a one month subscription, $33.95 for three months and $79.95 for 12 months.

For now, no price change has been announced for the PlayStation Plus service, but stay tuned.

Every game included in PlayStation Plus Collection

playstation plus collection fallout 4

PlayStation Plus Collection includes a bunch of award-winning titles from SIE Worldwide Studios and third party publishers like Bethesda, Rocksteady and Capcom. You’ll be able to download these games to your PS5 as long as you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber and play them with PS5 enhancements.

Fallout 4‘s appearance is perhaps the most surprising on the list, given developer Bethesda Game Studios was recently bought by Microsoft, although it’s possible this deal was created pre-buyout.

Beyond this, there’s a heap of classics from across the PlayStation 4 era included, with Persona 5 and Monster Hunter: World being big highlights. Here’s every PS4 game you’ll get access to as a PlayStation Plus subscriber with a PS5:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Battlefield 1
  • Bloodborne
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Days Gone
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Fallout 4
  • Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
  • God of War
  • Infamous Second Son
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Persona 5
  • Ratchet and Clank 
  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard
  • The Last Guardian
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Until Dawn
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

These games will be enhanced with faster loading speeds and improved graphics via the PS5’s Game Boost system. Other PlayStation 4 games are compatible with the PlayStation 5 (there are currently only 10 that aren’t) and they’ll also be able to take advantage of this Game Boost system.

An additional feature you’ll be able to access in these games if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber is Game Help, a new feature for PS5 which provides hints for players who need them.

Overall, it’s a great little collection and an intriguing add-on for players who still want to experience all the heights of last generation before next gen really sets in. (I’d strongly recommend checking out Persona 5, God of War and Infamous: Second Son from this list, but everyone will have their own preferences.)

What PS4 games are you going to check out first on your PS5? Thinking of sticking with PS5 games only? Pop on down to the comments below and share your thoughts.


  • Given how slow launch line-ups normally are this is definitely an essential for anyone who can be bothered with a launch day. There’s alot of quality listed there.

  • *polite applause with carefully-neutral expression*
    . o O (Seriously though, do fucking Sony Game Pass already.)

    • Yeah, the offering is very confused, between PS+, which includes the PS+ Collection (a bunch of PS4 games which you only have access to on PS5) and PSNow (which I’m sure is great if you actually have access to it).

      Just consolidate it all into a single, coherent, consistent service and you’re on a winner.

  • This seems really odd that they don’t have all of the 1st party ps4 exclusives included when they own them? – Gran Turismo? Killzone? Knack? Driveclub?

    Alot of 3rd party exclusives missing too, but i guess that would require negotiation with the developer – The order? Bloodborne? Yakuza 6 etc.

    I guess i understand not including more recent ones like The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima but still…

    I notice spider-man is missing, perhaps because its being remastered for the ps5 which would be concerning if that is the way they are going with all the other missing titles

    • It could be they’re planning to add to the service as time passes but I agree, the exclusions are odd. Maybe it’s on a basis of popularity?

      Justice for Knack.

    • The Order and Bloodborne are 2 titles which I am very surprised aren’t on there. Bloodborne has already been free on PS Plus (several of these titles have) so it’s not like you’d be giving away something you didn’t already have as free a while ago.

      • Bloodborne is on the list (maybe it got left off and updated)
        The Order, who knows, it wasn’t exactly a success though.

      • Frankly, I’m surprised they’re not opening up the service to include ALL PS Plus games that have ever been available. That would make it a pretty strong rival for Game Pass.

  • It’s a bit of half baked response to game pass… I know it’s included with ps plus at no extra cost, but for a few bucks more you can have game pass ultimate and 150+ games across Xbox and PC.

  • Maybe it’s been stated a thousand times before but I can’t remember seeing it, but how long is this PS Plus Collection going on for? If I buy a PS5 next June, will I still get these games?

    I missed out on Day 1 PS5 so went XB Series X for my next gen fix, but will be grabbing oversize white monolith as soon as Ratchet & Clank gets a release date and wondering if it’ll still be around then?

  • It’s much less than what is offered on Game Pass but to be honest I don’t care because I buy Sony consoles for the exclusive games which are far and away superior to what’s on offer on Xbox. Anyone with a decent PC will have access to all the games on Game Pass anyway so what the point in buying an Xbox?
    For Bethesda games? Maybe. But that’s a big maybe considering their recent output.
    Rare? Well they did bigger all with that company and essentially made it a shadow of its former self…

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