Here Are The Cheapest Copies of Mario Party Superstars In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies of Mario Party Superstars In Australia
Image: Nintendo
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Announced during Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct, Mario Party Superstars is the latest instalment of the long-running party game series. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you know exactly what you’re getting into here. But if this is your first time picking up a Mario Party game, get ready for a fun time.

The aim of the game is to make your way around a game board while trying to collect the most stars possible before the other players can. To do this, you’ll need to complete a series of random minigames. Sometimes you’re on teams, sometimes it’s every player for themselves. Either way, it’s always a good time, even if someone will inevitably start raging.

Superstars includes five remade boards from the Nintendo 64 era of Mario Party, along with 100 minigames from the series’ long history, similar to Mario Party: The Top 100 on the 3DS.

Unlike the previous Switch release, Super Mario Party, you’ll be able to play Superstars in handheld mode and on the Switch Lite.

Superstars also supports online play for all game modes, including solo mode, which is pretty good if you just want to jump on and smash through a handful of minigames while on the go. You can also save your progress mid-game, so you can finish off a match with your friends later instead of just fully bailing out.

Where can you get Mario Party Superstars for cheap?

Mario Party Superstars
Image: Nintendo

Like most of Nintendo’s first-party titles, Mario Party Superstars has a retail price of $79.95. And, like most preorder deals that we’ve previously seen, you can pick up this upcoming title with an $11 or $12 discount.

Both Amazon Australia and The Gamesmen are selling the new Mario Party title for $68, with the former also offering free shipping.

After that, most major Australian retailers are selling it for $69 – except for EB Games, which has it listed at full price. However, if you trade in two select games to EB Games you can get Mario Party Superstars for $29.

Here’s every major retailer in Australia that you can get Mario Party Superstars for cheaper from:

Mario Party Superstars launches on the Nintendo Switch on October 29.


    • That’s a great deal $29 for Mario Party Superstars if you trade in 2 Nintendo Switch games at EB Games.
      Personally for me I’m getting Mario Party Superstars as a digital release from the Nintendo eShop it won’t be long now until Mario Party Superstars comes out on the Nintendo Switch on October 29 and with Halloween coming up soon I’ll be picking Horror Land from Mario Party 2 just to get this party started and after Halloween with the Melbourne Cup on next month I’ll also be picking Yoshi’s Tropical Island and Peach’s Birthday Cake from Mario Party 1.
      Only then will I be picking Woody Woods from Mario Party 3 and Space Land from Mario Party 2 after that.
      Not long to go now until the Mario Party Superstars hype starts on October 29.

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