You Can Grab The PS5 DualSense Controller For Under $80 Right Now

You Can Grab The PS5 DualSense Controller For Under $80 Right Now
Image: Sony
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It’s once again time for Sony’s mid-year PlayStation sale event, Days of Play. Last year’s sale included some massive discounts across major titles, with a fair few selling for historical lows. It looks like this year’s Days of Play event is no different because you can currently pick up a brand new DualSense controller for under $80.

Whether you need a replacement PlayStation 5 controller because Elden Ring has you gripping it with an untold tightness, or you want to pick up an extra one for some local co-op, a few retailers are currently running sales for the PS5’s DualSense controller.

With discounts of up to 34% off its price tag, here’s everywhere you can get your hands on a cheap PS5 controller.

Where can you buy the Dualsense controller for cheap?

Sony Playstation 5 dualsense controller
Image: Stock

While getting your hands on a PS5 has been a lot easier said than done for some, those lucky enough to score one have apparently been playing the absolute hell out of it.

In terms of colour variants, there are a few options available. While you’ll get a white Dualsense controller with your PS5, there are also five additional colours available separately – Midnight Black and Comic Red, along with the recently released Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. In terms of price, the Midnight Black version shares the same RRP as the standard PS5 controller, $109.95. However, the red, pink, blue, and purple variants are a little bit more expensive at $119.95. Why the extra $10? Beats me.

In terms of the cheapest price, JB Hi-Fi is offering every edition of the Dualsense controller for $79, which can be reduced to a further $71.10 when you use the 10% off promo code 92FRENZY. This code is available during the current Click Frenzy Mayhem sale, so it’ll only be valid until  May 26.

After that, Amazon Australia is currently offering the standard DualSense controller, Midnight Black, Nova Pink, and Starlight Blue, for $79, with free shipping. Amazon is also selling the Cosmic Red, and Galactic Purple Dualsense controllers for $82 each, which is a solid $37 off the respective RRPs.

Big W is also offering every colour variant of the Dualsense controller for $79 (although they seem to be sold out of the Nova Pink edition). Here’s where you can grab them:

Are there any PS5 controller accessories on sale too?

You Can Grab The PS5 DualSense Controller For Under $80 Right Now
Image: Sony

There’s the Dualsense Charging Station, which will let you charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously. It’s a pretty simple click-in cradle dock that’ll help you avoid fussing around with USB ports and cables.

With an RRP of $49.95, the only places that seem to be offering a discount for the Dualsense Charging Station are mWave, where you can pick it up for $45, and Amazon Australiawhich has it for $45.99 with free shipping.

And if you’re looking for some games to play with your brand new controller, there are a few decent deals for PS5 titles, which you can check out here.

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