DualSense Controllers Down To $67: Our Picks From Amazon’s Days Of Play Sale

DualSense Controllers Down To $67: Our Picks From Amazon’s Days Of Play Sale
Contributor: Chris Neill, Isabella Noyes
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Sony’s massive Days of Play sale is on right now, which is great news for PlayStation owners regardless of whether you’re soldiering on with your PS4 or sitting pretty with your shiny, new PS5. Amazon Australia has also jumped in on the action, offering similar discounts on physical copies if you want to make good use of that disc edition.

There’s a stack of games on sale, including God of War: Ragnarok down to $66 or you can pick up a second DualSense controllers for $67, one of its lowest prices ever.

On top of all of these deals, a few Australian retailers have also marked down some of their PS4 and PS5 titles. Other sales highlights include Dying Light: Stay Human for $29.95, Wild Hearts for $49 and Spider-Man: Miles Morale for $44. Any sale that knocks a sizeable chunk off a PS5 game’s price tag is a-okay by us, especially if those games start with a $125 price tag.

A few PlayStation Hits titles are also $12, which is a pretty unbeatable price if you’ve never played Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War before.

To spare you the trouble of trawling through pages of PS4 and PS5 games, check out the sales we’ve scouted below.

The best PS5 games on sale from Days of Play

lego star wars cheap
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The best PS4 games on sale from Days of Play

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Grab PlayStation Hits titles for $12

Image: Naughty Dog

If you really want to grab some cheap games, a few of PlayStation’s Hits titles are now $12, down from $24.95. These PS4 games are all big AAA titles that, if you somehow haven’t played, you’ve definitely heard enough people talk about.

The list includes:

The best PS5 accessory deals from Days of Play

ps5 sale
Image: Sony

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