Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Spider-Man 2 In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Spider-Man 2 In Australia
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October is set to be a big month for game releases, but there’s one title that swings over the heads of all the rest: Spider-Man 2. Revealed back in a 2021 Sony Showcase, we’ve seen a lot of this new game over the past couple of months, from a big gameplay demo, to a sneaky tease in Across The Spider-Verse and a huge launch trailer that dropped yesterday. 

While the game won’t be web-slinging into stores until October 20, reviews have begun popping up and it sounds like Spider-Man 2 is nothing short of amazing, spectacular and sensational.

Here’s what David Smith, Kotaku Australia’s Managing Editor, had to say about Spider-Man 2 in his review (spoiler-free):

“Remarkably, Insomniac somehow spins all its plates and nails the landing. Hedging its bets, Insomniac sticks to what it knows – strong characters and story, subtle tweaks to the already strong gameplay of the previous games, and visuals that feel beyond what the box next to my TV should be capable of. In so doing, Insomniac has created a sequel that can do it all – sell like hotcakes and feel just different enough to warrant the ‘2’ on the box.”

Here’s everywhere in Australia you can preorder Spider-Man 2 for thwippin’ cheap.

Where can you get Spider-Man 2 for cheap in Australia?

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Spider-Man 2 is set to retail for $124.95, exclusively for the PS5, so we welcome any preorder deals that will bring its price to under $100. The good news is, there are a few options to choose from.

Currently, Mighty Ape and Gorilla Gaming have the cheapest prices available for Spider-Man 2 at $98 each. However, these prices don’t include shipping, so you’re probably better off going with Amazon Australia, which is listing the game for $99 with free shipping.

Big W and JB Hi-Fi are both selling Spider-Man 2 for $99, which could be beneficial if you go for in-store pickup to avoid the additional postage cost.

Here’s where you can pick up a cheap copy of Spider-Man 2 in Australia:

There’s also a Digital Deluxe Edition of the game that’s available through the PlayStation Store for $139.95. The Deluxe Edition of Spider-Man 2 includes five unique suits for Peter, five unique suits for Miles, additional Photo Mode items and two Skill Points. It also currently includes pre-order incentive items, which are early unlocks of the Arachknight suit for Peter, the Shadow-Spider suit for Miles, the Web Grabber gadget and three skill points.

Where can you get Spider-Man 2 DualSense controller and PS5 bundle in Australia?

Image: Sony

Spider-Man 2 is Sony’s big release for 2023, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the publisher is going all out with its launch. Sony is currently offering a limited edition bundle that includes a Spider-Man-themed PS5 with a matching DualSense controller and a voucher for a digital copy of the game. Only a few retailers are currently offering preorders for the limited edition Spider-Man 2 PS5, which is retailing for $964.

Here’s where you’re still able to pick up the Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle in Australia:

If you’re already sorted for a PS5, you were able to buy the DualSense controller or the Spider-Man 2 faceplates by themselves. However, it looks like most retailers have pulled down their listings and what is available is limited to some absurd scalper prices on eBay. That’s some Parker luck.

Spider-Man 2 will be released in Australia on October 20, exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment/Kotaku Australia


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