Everything You Need To Know From The Nintendo And Square Enix Conferences

So, Nintendo's presentation and Square-Enix's conference happened pretty much back-to-back. The result? A buttload of new video games and video game news. If you've just woken up, this is your convenient one-stop-shop to play catch-up.


Nintendo's E3 Presentation: At Least We Have Puppet GIFs

Nintendo E3 Presentation Liveblog: We All Really Need To Get Some Sleep

Nintendo's E3 Event Began With A Bizarre Puppet Show

The Games

The New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Is Glorious

The Next Zelda Is A Three-Player Co-Op Adventure For 3DS

Square Announces New Nier Game, With Platinum

Nintendo Officially Announces Star Fox Zero

Paper Mario Meets Mario & Luigi In New 3DS RPG

Metroid Prime Is Returning In The Weirdest Of Ways

The News

Just Cause 3 Comes Out December 1

Square Enix Announces Brand New JRPG From Brand New Developer

Xenoblade Chronicles X Hits The Western World In December

The Way Nintendo Used To Make Mario Levels

There Will Be Bowser And Donkey Kong Skylanders That Are Also Amiibos


    Thats it? ... Wowee...

    Is that a warning klaxxon in the back ground?

      Plenty there to keep me happy.

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided was my highlight of the two conferences!

    Nothing in the Nintendo event had me excited. Star Fox looks ok. That's about it for me.

    Nintendo is, as ever, all over the shop, but dammit they genuinely love making games!

    That yarn yoshi woman, itoi talking about mother, and miyamoto showing off the Mario level drawings. These people are the classic Disney of gaming.

    The metroid game, despite not being a retro Wii u project, kinda has my interest. I'm down for a new hunters, and the sports angle is interesting (it even had the sound asset from strikers), but the chibi aesthetic is a bit dorky. Will have to see what other modes shake out of it, monster hunting is cool but it's not enough.

    Star Fox could be cool. It looks a bit visually plain, but it IS putting out two unique displays at 60fps, so they're going to have to artbtheir way around the limitations that imposes. There seems to be a bit of gameplay diversity there, and I'm always, always down for gratuitous space battles!

    Also, the xenoblade trailer was amazing.

    The absence of devil's third was bizarre. It, coupled with the game being Amazon exclusive in Japan, makes me think Nintendo has given up on polishing it to their standards. The gameplay still looks like crazy, weird fun, and it might end up being like a multiplayer no more heroes (rough but full of charm), especially against the blandening of western online shooters.

    Mario maker looks pretty sweet, even the amiibo. This idea has been a looong time coming.

    God I want to know what retro is doing.....

      Platinum are doing Star Fox so Retro *must* be doing F-Zero. The pieces are all falling into place!

    I would have liked a bigger look at Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (Also they could have translated what the character's were saying as well...) but it looks like we won't get much till TGS...

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