2016, As Told By Steam Reviews

2016, As Told By Steam Reviews

Taken on their own, individual Steam reviews don’t offer a whole lot of value. But taken together, they spin a yarn about a game that’s equal parts fascinating, weird, and occasionally funny.

We semi-regularly round-up the best Steam reviews of the year’s biggest (and/or strangest) games. Putting together all the ones we did this year makes for a pretty, uh, unique take on the miserable toilet cannon bombardment (for everything except video games) that was 2016. So here you go!



Stardew Valley


Who’s Your Daddy


Hyper Light Drifter




Genital Jousting


My Summer Car



2016, As Told By Steam ReviewsImage: Ubisoft

Space Hulk: Deathwing

2016, As Told By Steam ReviewsImage: Kotaku

Bonus: I did my best to find a Steam review that sums up aforementioned toilet cannon bombardment year 2016. Here’s what I came up with:


If you’re wondering, this one’s from Bad Rats Show. Because of course it is.

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  • Offering some kind of credit to the original reviewers, such as a direct link on clicking the image, or even a small 4 point credit line, might have been polite.

      • Well, I said nothing about plaudits, I just suggested that fair attribution of the original authors would be polite. (Perhaps, though, check the definition of plaudit because I do not think it means what you think it means.)

        Regardless, Kotaku has collected those reviews, presumably because they see some creative value in them even if you do not, and are now seeking their own ‘plaudits’ (or at least, advertising revenue) from quoting someone else’s work. The right of the original creator of a work to attribution is Journalism 101.

        I’m pretty sure that Kotaku would take a dim view of another website reauthoring this article for its own purposes which, regardless of your personal views on copyright is, if nothing else, somewhat hypocritical.

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