Bulk Up Your Library With These Killer Games Under $30

Bulk Up Your Library With These Killer Games Under $30
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
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If you thought that towering pile of unplayed games you bought for cheap couldn’t get any bigger, I’ve got some good/bad news for you. The following is a list of deals for the Xbox, PS4 and Switch that you can nab for under $30 each.

Cheap game deals are the perfect way to bulk up your library, picking up those titles you’ve been meaning to get around to forever or you can take a chance on something you usually couldn’t validate buying at full price.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

Resident Evil 3

Image: Capcom

As far as remakes go, Resident Evil 3 both looks and plays great. It’s biggest problem, however, is the short playtime. You can burn through this game way faster than you’d expect, which can feel a bit disappointing if you’ve paid full price for it. It’s a good game and worth playing, but only if you can get it for cheap.

Resident Evil 3 (PS4) is currently on sale for $24, which will save you an impressive $75.95 off the RRP.

In RE3, you’re tasked with escaping the zombie-infested Raccoon City, playing as Jill Valentine, a former S.T.A.R.S. member, and Carlos Oliveira, and the Umbrella mercenary. Because things weren’t hard, you’re also being pursued by Nemesis, a hulking monster that looms around every corner.

Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI

This deal comes from the US branch of Amazon and the game is on back-order at the moment, so you’ll have to wait a bit for it to ship. But even when you factor in internal shipping, you’ll still be getting Civilisation VI cheaper than most Australian retailers.

Civilisation VI is selling for $24.22, down from the usual price of around $59. If you’re worried about a US game playing on your Switch, you don’t need to worry. All Switch games are region free, so there’ll be no problem running it on your console.

The Assassin’s Creed series

If you’ve somehow slept on the Assassin’s Creed series for the last decade, or you’re a few games behind and have been meaning to catch up, you can pick up a few recent entries for cheap. They’re all enjoyable action-adventure games, and those price tags are pretty hard to turn down.

Here’s every title you can grab for under $30:

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – $29.95 ( PS4 | Xbox)
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins – $29 (PS4 | Xbox)
  • Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection (PS4) – $24.95 (PS4)
  • Assassin’s Creed 3: Remastered (Xbox One) – $29.95 (Xbox)

Far Cry 5

Image: Ubisoft

You play as a rookie sheriff’s deputy who attempts to arrest Joseph Seed, the leader of the militaristic doomsday cult Eden’s Gates, who has taken control of a place called Hope County by force. Things go pear-shaped real fast, leaving you trapped within the Hope County, with members of Eden’s Gate hunting for you.

While Far Cry 5 is a bit lacking in terms of writing – compared to previous titles – its gameplay easily makes up for any of those shortcomings. The open-world environment is a lot of fun to explore and there’s a lot enjoyable side quests to get lost in. It’s on sale for $29 on both the PS4 and Xbox.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

ps4 ps5 deals activision
Image: Activision

Spyro Reignited Trilogy includes the first three Spyro games, remastered with a modern sensibility. They play almost exactly like the original games, but with a fancy coat of paint thrown on top.

Reignited Trilogy is currently on sale for $24, down from $69.95. That’s $8 per game, but the nostalgia you’ll feel when playing them is priceless.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Image: 2K Games

If you found yourself missing 2K’s annual WWE game, WWE 2K Battlegrounds might be the hold over you need.

It’s an easy game to pick up and is more of an arcade fighter than 2K’s mainline games, with a roster includes over 70 wrestling superstars from WWE’s history. Is it a great WWE game? No, but it’s a lot of fun. You can pick it up for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch for $28.

The Outer Worlds

Image: Obsidian Entertainment

The Outer Worlds is a lot of fun and despite it getting pretty good reviews across the board, I never hear anyone talking about it. If you’re someone who loves uncovering underrated gems, this is the game for you. It was made by Obsidian, so it has the RPG-elements you’d expect from them. The Xbox version of The Outer Worlds is on sale for the incredibly low price of $9.95.

After accidentally being stuck in extended cryosleep for 70 years, your character awakens on the outskirts of the Halcyon system. From there, you spend the game jumping around and exploring different space colonies, each with their own unique environment and challenges, while building out your character and amassing a crew of companions.

Rainbow Six Siege

Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most fun online FPS experiences you can have. You either play as an operator from the Rainbow team and are tasked with breaching a location to either defuse a bomb, rescue a hostage or achieve an objective, or a group of terrorists who are defending their position.

The game is all about tactics, and thankfully they aren’t too hard to learn – attackers need to co-ordinate breach tactics, while the defenders are able to set up various traps –and the destructible environment adds an enjoyable element of chaos. It’s a good way to kill 15 minutes.

It’s currently available on the PS4 for $19.95

Devil May Cry HD Collection

Image: Capcom

Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 3 are two of the best hack and slash videogames ever made. DMC 3 might even be the best?

This PS4 port of the DMC HD collection is a few years old now, but these are games that have stood the test of time and belong in anyone’s collection. Devil May Cry 2 is also there too. For $24.95, you can’t afford to turn it down.


black friday ps4 ps5 cheap games

After Into The Spider-Verse, I’d say this is my favourite Spidey adaptation since Spider-Man 2. And it’s currently going for $28, down from $54.95.

Insomniac did a really great job with this game. From a gameplay POV, everything about it works so well. The action, the environments, and the web-swinging work together to make a great action game. Excuse the cliche, but you really do feel like you’re Spider-Man while playing this. Speaking as a big comic fan, I was happy with how true to the character the game’s story is.

Predator Hunting Grounds

Image: Amazon

If you had no idea this game existed up until now, I don’t blame you. Predator: Hunting Grounds come out back in April last year to pretty mixed reviews. It’s a fun game, but would recommend buying it at full price? Probably not. But for $18? That I can do.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetrical multiplayer FPS where you either play as a group of soldiers undergoing a mission, or a lone Predator that’s hunting the group. It’s kill or be killed. If you really enjoyed Friday the 13th: The Game, this has a very similar vibe.


I haven’t played this remake of MediEvil, but I remember enjoying the original. (This is an almost 20-year-old memory though.) In it, you play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, a knight who has recently been brought back from the dead. His quest? To take down an evil sorcerer named Zarok who is using an army of the undead to conquer the land of Gallowmere.

If you’re looking for a solid nostalgia trip and an easy to pick up hack-and-slash game, you can grab MediEvil for $17.97.

Battlefield V

I spent a fair chunk of my teenage years playing Battlefield 1942, and while I don’t think any game can replicate the memory I have of playing it, Battlefield V is probably the first to get damn near close. Set during World War 2, Battlefield V is the most recent instalment in EA’s long-running shooter series. You can currently pick it up for $29.95 on PS4.

If you’ve played one of the previous games in the series, you know exactly what you’re in for. If you haven’t, Battlefield V is a fun game. The combat mechanics are tip-top and it looks great too. I even enjoyed the single-player campaign, which is a series of episodic stories set in different locations and told from varying perspectives.

Borderlands 3

Image: Borderlands 3

It’s time to take another trip to the weird and wacky world of Borderlands. This series has been one of the more idiosyncratic shooters of the last decade, and Borderlands 3 delivers more of what you’d expect, but with improved gameplay and a greater variety of environments.

This sequel shakes things up by allowing you to leave the confines of Pandora and plunder Vaults on other planets, with the goal of discovering the Great Vault. It’s not the strongest instalment in the series, but if you enjoyed your time with the previous games, I wouldn’t turn down picking this up for a bargain price of $19.95. This deal is available for the PS4 edition of Borderlands 3.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Image: Bethesda Softworks

I have thoroughly enjoyed Bethesda’s Wolfenstein series, so I highly recommend picking up a cheap copy of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. An all-around solid FPS, it’s set in an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II. You play as B.J. Blazkowicz, an American soldier, who fights alongside a resistance group that aims to liberate the United States from the Nazi forces.

Like I said, this series is great. If you want to play a shooter with a fun gunplay, exciting missions, and an interesting universe, The New Colossus is the game for you. You also get kill a lot of Nazis.

You can pick up Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for $23.99 the PS4.

Rage 2 

Image: Amazon

Rage 2 is the kind of game you probably wouldn’t play unless the price was right. Depending on your console of choice, you can grab the apocalyptic open-world shooter for $16.53 on PC and $18 on Xbox One.

While Rage 2‘s story isn’t anything special — most of the time it comes across as poor man’s Borderlands — the gameplay is a lot of fun. Created by Avalanche Studios, the studio behind the Just Cause series, it is full of ludicrous, over-the-top gunplay. If you’ve got an FPS itch that needs scratching, Rage 2 goes alright.

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  • I was just playing Rage 2 which I brought for $15 from an ebgames.
    but if it cost more then I wouldn’t buy it. it isn’t that good.

    • At first I didn’t think much of it but once I had some powers and skills I really enjoyed the game, I thought it was too short story wise though.

      • Yeah I think it’s an absolute blast of a game if you’re playing it for that DOOM-fueled combat, but beyond that there’s not too much to it.

        And while I really wish the vehicle combat was at least little more interesting like in the Mad Max game, I’d be lying if I said I was disappointed in my time with the game.

    • It’s terrible.
      I thought to myself “I like Rage 1 and these guys made Mad Max which was great…” so I pre-ordered it… I learnt a lesson.

      For the most part, it feels like it was made in by interns over 12 months.

      The combat mechanics were nice, but it’s wasted on the stupid Cookiecutter game world made for people with ADD, where the map has 10,000 POIs but they all take less than 2 minutes with zero challenge as they are just 2-5 dudes and some hidden chests that contain nothing of interest.

  • Xbox atm is doing some really good deals on Ubisoft games.

    Well worth picking some up. There are also some really good deals on the DLC/ Season passes on several of their games.

  • If you have the Xbox PC gamepass, I believe Rage2 is still on that. Provided you can finish the game within a month, four backs ain’t a bad price.

  • I picked up Slay the Spire on PS4 for $10 at EB a week or two ago. Getting my money’s worth out of that one, believe me.

    In classic EB style, it was $10 brand new or $29 preowned.

  • Probably a good time to mention don’t buy Spiderman if you are going to buy a PS5 and instead buy the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales for the upgraded version instead.

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