Microsoft's E3 Conference: Everything You Need To Know

You're just waking up. You slept through the Microsoft E3 conference. You need to know stuff. We've got you covered. Halo, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We've got it all here for you and more. Brace yourself: there was a lot of stuff.

The Halo HD Collection Is Real, Comes With Halo 5 Beta This is a truly incredible package.

Assassin's Creed Unity Is Next Gen Only, Will Have 4-Player Co-op I don't know if Assassin's really needs co-op, but those massive crowds. Whoa...

Sunset Overdrive Comes Out October 28 Best trailer of the conference. Easily.

Five Minutes Of The Division's Snazzy Multiplayer Still looks pretty fancy.

New Tomb Raider Is Coming To Xbox One Terrible dialogue. Somehow still interested.

Hell Yes, Phantom Dust Is Coming Back People went a bit crazy for this announcement.

Platinum Games Scalebound Is Coming To Xbox One I will inhale whatever Platinum create.

New Crackdown Goes Multiplayer In A Big Way Good timing for this I think.

Bleak Dystopian Inside Comes To Xbox One In Early 2015 From the creators of Limbo...

Conker Is Coming Back In Project Spark This makes zero sense.

The Next Forza Horizon Hits On Sept 30 Sooner than I expected.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Barely Looks Like It Happens On Earth Surprisingly interesting.


    Just woke up expecting a megaton. I'm disappointed, maybe watching it later, trailer and all will hype me up.

    Well, with the Halo collection and Sunset Overdrive that's me screwed for pretty much all of November. Provided my XBOX One is working by then! Damn thing bricked itself on the weekend with an Error 100 :-(

      I just looked up that error 100 then, oh man that sucks :(

        Yeah. And it's not a straight replacement. Apparently it has to be 'assessed' before they will replace it. So probably 3-4 weeks before I get it back. Problem is that I have a 50Gb monthly cap and the updates on a new console along with the game downloads are probably going to be more than that.

    The conference was awesome. Everything looked great (who cares about just dance). Microsoft really hit it out of the park this year.

    Sony better step it up. I already feel like getting an Xbone for Scalebound and Sunset Overdrive.

      Crackdown is a MASSIVE tick in the X Box, it's Sony's move now...

        It is? I mean, Crackdown was ok, and Crackdown 2 was repetitive. I don't really see how it's a must own title.

          I had so much fun in co op mode in crackdown.....its a must have for my mates and myself :D

    Sunset overdrive looks interesting, still trying to decide if I can get excited about Halo again or not. Didn't enjoy the first Forza Horizon, can't see myself looking at the second one.

    Other than that, the only stuff I was interested in is multi platform.
    I was hoping for more, or a new type of game, or something...

    Anywhere to watch the actual recorded stream of the press conference? In my pre-caffeinated stupor I'm having trouble finding it.

      I think this has it:

      One of their better shows. Nothing I wasn't expecting though :/ lots of multi-plats. But Crackdown!!!!!!!!!!!

        Thank you, I like hearing all the audience reactions! :)

    Please vote for my User Voice feedback asking for MS to hurry up and confirm AU release of OneGuide XboxOne support for FTA and Foxtel!

    Thanks! :)

    Here's the official AU link for the full E3 Xbox Presentation:

    I don’t know if Assassin’s really needs co-op

    In fairness, that's what everyone said about the multiplayer in Brotherhood, and that turned out pretty well.

      If it wasnt for the co op this wouldnt be on my radar to be honest.

    Terrible dialogue. Somehow still interested.
    What was wrong with Tomb Raider's dialogue?
    I'm more concerned that I'll want Scalebound so badly but hate the protagonist.

    Last edited 10/06/14 3:10 pm

      A Donte clone (the irony in that statement is not lost on me) is possibly the only thing Platinum Games could've done to make me not want one of their games, and that's exactly what they did, sadly. I'm not normally one for judging games on such superficial things, but man...Dino-Donte...

    Jack Black and Aaron Paul in Dead Island 2? I am so up for this!

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