Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This Weekend

Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This Weekend

If you missed out on some games earlier this year, or were hoping to pick up some gaming gifts for cheap before Christmas, today’s the day to do it. Here’s all the deals you need to know about.

Target’s Sale On 2016’s Best Video Games Is Unreal

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the pick of the bunch here for the price. Battlefield 1 is very nicely priced as well, and I’d argue that you’d well and truly get your money’s worth out of Destiny at that price. Don’t forget Titanfall 2 either, although you might be surprised at how sparse the multiplayer base is.

It’s also worth remembering that you can order from Target’s online store from 9:30 AM Sydney time. I’m seeing rumours that DOOM and Fallout 4 will be available for $18 (PS4/XBO) as well, but that’s not confirmed yet. We’ll know soon, I guess.

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Goes On Sale Again Tomorrow

Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This WeekendImage: Catch of the Day

This kicks off from 4:00 PM, so get in there.

Big W Has Some Cracking Deals This Friday Too

titanfall 2Image: Respawn/EA

Titanfall 2 is the cheapest of the bunch here, but it’s more or less the same offering from Target. Still helpful though, as it gives consumers more locations where they can get a bargain.

JB Is Selling The PS4 Slim For $300 From Friday

Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This WeekendImage: Sony

The pick of the bunch from JB here. They’ve also got an Xbox One S 500 GB bundle with Battlefield 1 and a month’s worth of EA Access for $319.

Board Games Have Some Great Black Friday Deals Too

Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This WeekendImage: Kotaku

Some top offerings here on a lot of favourites, like Dixit and Star Wars Rebellion.

Here’s The Best Offerings From Steam’s Spring Sale So Far

Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This Weekend

Plenty of solid offers here. As zander72 pointed out in the comments, Endless Legend is available for a good price. I’d still argue that Invisible, Inc. and the original Dishonored are hard to miss out on. $US30 for The Witcher 3 is also a solid deal considering how much game you’re getting.

The Steam Link Is Only $41 Today

Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This WeekendImage: Steam

Great deal if you’re looking for a cheap way to get games on your living room TV without needing a second computer. I’d strongly recommend a wired connection, or an AC wireless one if you can’t manage that. PS4 and Xbox One controllers will work wirelessly as well.

Every Game In The Australian PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale

Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This WeekendImage: Gizmodo

If you’re after some games digitally through PSN, you’re in luck. A quite sleeper in that list is Need For Speed at $17.95 – it’s a lot of dumb fun at that price. Skyrim Special Edition is cheaper than what you’ll pay in stores as well.

The Microsoft Store Has Some Solid Xbox One Deals

Here’s The Best Deals For Video Games This WeekendImage: Kotaku

The Xbox One S deals are nicely priced, but that $250 offering on the original Xbox One is really good value. You’ll have to get past the point where you’re living with the old Xbox One and not something nicer – you can get an Xbox One S for $319 if you really want, or a PS4 Slim for $299 from JB – but getting some solid indie games, like the first Jackbox Pack and Hand of Fate, with Rise of the Tomb Raider is hard to beat.

The Gamesmen Has A Solid $300 Xbox One Deal Too


Comes with Fallout 4, The Division, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Battleborn. And it’s the 1TB model as well. Three games plus that for $300 ain’t half bad.

That’s our round-up of all the deals you need to know. Have you seen anything particularly noteworthy? Let us know!


  • Doom and Fallout 4 were listed at $18 last night on EB Games’ website, but they appear to have changed that. Must have been a mistake. Sad face.

    • I know at least one person got Doom for $18. I think he picked up Doom, Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2 and something else, possibly Battlefield 1 (all on PS4) for a total of $130.

      • Doom is genuinely excellent, it’s really well done and remains true to the spirit of the original while also being modernised.

  • There’s been an Xbox Live Black Friday sale going since the start of this week. Haven’t seen any coverage of it here

    • I’ve looked at some of the deals and while there’s a few tempting offers, none have convinced me to pull the trigger. Apparently there’ll be further reductions over the weekend with the biggest sales hitting on “cyber Monday”.

      • I pulled the trigger on Rare Replay and am considering JC3 (admittedly I’m working in CAD – 1:1 exchange rate but the store prices are cheaper and the range is better)

        • Yeah unfortunately something that’s $15 USD will translate to $40 AUD for no real reason even though the equivalent would be more like $20 based on the change rate alone, it keeps me from buying digital unless the price is utterly sensational.

          • They don’t cop the same BS in Canada – a new game there is $80 at release and unlike Australia the price drops after 6 months!

    • Just picked up Deus Ex & Titanfall 2 for $71 from Target over my lunch break. Looking forward to trying it out.

  • Dont forget to compare prices! Ozgameshop are around the same price for some games. Watch Dogs 2 for example is only $49.99 with $2 standard shipping (or free shipping if you spend a few more dollars on something else). But you can use 10Back and get some player points back! Bonus!

    • Ooh tempting, I want to get WD2 when I pick up my Pro next week and I’m hoping EB will honour the deal they had when I preordered it (50% off when purchasing a Ps4 pro) but I’m a little worried they’ll screw me over.

      • So pay the same and wait three weeks just to get a few points for a reward system that was booked entirely earlier in the year? Nah. Support the local stores in this case.

  • Titanfall 2 is tempting, but the single-player is pretty short and I haven’t heard great things about the multi-player, nor does it look fun to me.

    • The campaign is probably about 6 hours but it is an excellently crafted 6 hours and worth playing a couple of times even if you’re not going after collectibles/100% completion.

      The multiplayer is great, with the main problem being that there’s hardly anyone playing it due to it releasing directly between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty 38. No multiplayer title can stand up against those heavy hitters these days so releasing it alongside them was lunacy on the part of EA. I played some last night and on the Sydney data centre there was no one playing in anything but Attrition (which is basically team deathmatch) and even then there were only 300 people online.

      That said the gameplay of Titanfall is very much a matter of “what you see is what you get” so if it doesn’t look at all fun based on what you’ve seen then I doubt playing it will change your mind. 🙂

        • I’m on Xbone, which might be part of the problem. PS4 has been more popular this gen and the first Titanfall was an exclusive to Xbox so I can see a higher adoption rate on PS4 as likely.

    • The multiplayer is incredibly fun. I think they made changes after the beta to make it feel more like TF1. Anyway, I’m absolutely loving it and it is criminally underselling, such a shame. For $36 you can’t go wrong.

      FYI I’m playing on PS4 and the population sucks there too. You can get games but you have to play either Attrition or Bounty Hunt. Hopefully all the sales + xmas boost the population.

  • Really should also mention EB games – there massive sale on guides, older games etc that you had to go in the store for? Now all online. Tons of 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS etc games for $9, $4, even $1. They may not be new and shiny, but I’ve spent about $400 this morning and around 80 items including strategy guides, tons of games and some skylanders/DI/Amiibo figures.

  • Noticed on the Target website that they have Lego Dimensions Starter Packs for $69 – that’s the cheapest I’ve seen them!

  • Big W is price matching Target’s prices which are bettter for most games. Target in Bourke st (Melbourne) was out of Deus Ex for $35 so wandered over to Big W which had it for $44 but matched Target. I bought lunch with the $9 saving ; )

    • For the same unknown reason the same happened in Europe as well this year. I am guessing this american trend could push pre-holidays sales upwards.

    • Lot of economic agencies have warned about the retail slump in AU. I think trying to adopt the buy happy culture around Black Friday is an effort by businesses to boost sales leading up to the holidays or something.

  • i was so tempted to pickup Titanfall 2. Then I realised how many games I had looked forward to for so long that I’m yet to play. It’s causing me a lot of pain to ignore this sale but right now I need to remind myself that I need time to play games more than I need a bargain on games XD

  • Best deal this weekend was on Gumtree. I have a PS4 now, ready for FFXV and Last Guardian (if it actually does get released).

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