Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo's E3 Presentation

The New Zelda Is Open-World, Looks Absolutely Incredible

Nintendo ran its own E3 presentation in the wee hours of this morning, in the form of an extended Nintendo Direct. What did you miss? Loads of stuff! New Zelda, Smash Bros. info and what can only be described as a Nintendo-esque interpretation of the humble third person shooter.

The New Zelda Is Open World, Looks Absolutely Incredible I'm still picking my jaw off the floor.

Miyamoto Star Fox Wii U Revival Leaks Didn't see this coming. I honestly didn't.

Nintendo's Making A New 8 Player Multiplayer Shooter Called Splatoon For The Wii U This looks legitimately inventive and great.

You Can Kick Butt As Zelda In Hyrule Warriors I can't get excited about this. Maybe you can?

The Wii U's First Big JRPG Is A Sequel To Xenoblade And it gets its proper name!

Smash Bros Surprise New Hero Lady Palutena Hey a new challenger, etc.

Cutest Yoshi Game Ever They're not joking about the cute part.

Mario Party 10 Is Coming To The Wii U A new party. Getting started.

Captain Toad Gets His Own Game I didn't think I wanted this. But I now totally want it.

Amiibos Are Nintendo's Answer To Skylanders It will print money.

The 3DS Version Of The Super Smash Bros Has Been Delayed To October 3 Still coming out before the end of the year.

Bayonetta 2 Comes With Bayonetta 1 For Wii U I hope Bayonetta 2 is good.

Smash Bros. Newest Fighter: You Miis everywhere.

Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Are Due Out In November But What Day In November? ALPHA BRO.


    Lets not kid ourselves here, this is stuff we already knew was coming and most has already been shown before

      Who's kidding? This stuff is still awesome.

      I didn't see a new Star Fox coming.

        What was he playing at the end of the video on the blurred out screen? I'm not sure but......... :D

        Last edited 11/06/14 12:18 pm

      Same with any console, we knew halo,uncharted,crackdown was rumoured,destiny and mortal kombat already announced.

    All this would be awesome for people who owned a wii u but I don't see console mover in there. Maybe star fox.

      I think the open world Zelda personally. The starfox one not so much.

      I think the wii u bashing days are over with. If you don't own one by now or don't get one with what is coming out then you simply don't like Nintendo. That's totally fine but let's give the console a break. There are a number of amazing games on it.

        I didn't bash nintendo or their games. I'm pointing out there isn't a major release that will move consoles.

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          MK8 is probably the best game out right now, if it doesn’t convince you to buy the Wii U, you probably were never going to.

        I think the wii u bashing days are over with. If you don't own one by now or don't get one with what is coming out then you simply don't like Nintendo enough to pay $300+. That's totally fine but let's give the console a break. There are a number of amazing games on it.

        Fixed. It's still just a platform by nintendo for nintendo. at least EA made origin free.

          Oh yeah, Origin is free to download on the $1000+ gaming rig you would need to run its games well.

          EB was selling WiiU and MarioKart 8 for $279.

            It was a rough estimate :p I got mine when they were $215 at dicksmith.

              Yeah I got mine for $175 (basic) when dick smith were selling them cheap. Have you gone into dick smith recently? It's just massive xbox stand adjacent to playstation stand with the exact same games and there was one piddly wiiu game and it was cod blackops 2 which is already on both ps and xbox stands. I know they weren't selling but they really ditched nintendo. Either way now I have owned a wiiu for a while I would definitely pay for the premium wiiu. It's a console you need to use for a while to really understand it's uniqueness and fun.

          That's a flawed analogy. Origin is free, your PC wasn't.
          Unless it was, in which case I got nothin'.

            The point was that Nintendo charges people $300 solely* for the privilege of being able to buy their games.

            *slightly exaggerating, slightly.

          It costs much more than $300 to buy a PC that will run all the origin games - otherwise you can easily say if you buy the Wii U hardware you get the OS and eShop for free.

            yes but that pc can be used for much more then origin games. see my response to razor.

        I like Nintendo a lot? I just don't want a Wii U?

      A console mover was released about 2 weeks ago, it was called Mario Kart 8. It was the game that finally convinced me to buy one, anyway.

      Looks like I bought a Wii U at the exact right time too. Lots of amazing looking games on the way.

    The only one that's got my attention is the open world Zelda, that's about bloody time. Otherwise, a pretty average lineup of 'the usual suspects'.

      Yep, and apart from Zelda the target market appears to be children aged 5-10 years old, which is a shame.

        I really cannot deny this at all. Nintendo doesn't seem to have learnt from previous mistakes at all.

    This trumps what xbox and ps4 are doing in terms of excitement levels for me, VERY pleased with Nintendo this year.... time to add some games to my small but solid wii-u lineup.

      Well if you are a Nintendo fan sure. But if Nintendo games don't interest you its the other way round. For me personally i think Microsoft excited me the most with the Master chief bundle and halo 5. Not saying Nintendo is bad, just saying which company did the best is subjective to what you prefer.

        Which is why @fenix's post had "for me" in it.

    I can't be the only one bummed by the Zelda trailer looking nothing like the last E3 tech demo.

      I kinda dig the stylised graphics, i prefer this by far

        It looks 10 times better than the last reveal.

          I honestly just think there's enough games trying to nail a realistic look (and there's nothing wrong with that), but it's nice to have something that isn't trying to be overly realistic, just pretty!

      But that was just that: A tech demo. They did that before Windwaker was announced too.

      The original 'demo's' were (apparently) just a proof of concept for the new hardware. Not really a new game.

      That said, while I like the realistic Zelda's, may favourite 2 in terms of visuals are Windwaker and Skyward Sword. So I'm happy as Sh1t.

      Edit: But no, you'r not the only one who's bummed, a few are here and there. But I think it looks gorgeous none the less.

      Last edited 11/06/14 12:22 pm

      You don't understand. "Realistic" doesn't mean better graphics. They released that tech demo precisely to show that the Wii U can handle realistic just fine. But you know what else is "realistic"? Commonplace. You get realistic every day, every minute as your eyes are open. I'm personally happy that Nintendo always go for "artistic", which is not some kind of concession to the console's power but an actual desire to make things different and beautiful in ways that reality cannot be.

      Leave realistic for racing sims or for all the FPS fans that need to feel that they are killing real people. A game, as something cemented in an interactive fiction should have also artistic merit.

    Wii-U is starting to look more appealing to me now. Zelda really nabbed my attention, and I can never say no to a new Star Fox

    I personally think they should rename and relaunch the console, dropping the Wii name. I know everyone says it is too late, but I think they could do it.
    It has a better lineup of games than any of the other current-gen systems, I think buyer confusion is still holding it back.

      changing the name of it will just add more confusion though. They just need a strong advertising campaign which they never had in the first place.

        They needed this E3 bonanza to have happened two years ago.

    Well... I might pick up a cheap second hand Wii-U to play the new Zelda game, but other than that there isn't really anything here to get me excited.

    I've been waiting for the games that make me buy a PS4, however I'm starting to think Nintendo might get there first. Didn't think I'd say that..

    For me Nintendo win this year- I honestly didn't think I would say it and they'll have a lot to deliver- but yeah- thumbs up for sure

    It makes me sad that everyone here seems to be overlooking Splatoon. That game looks like it's going to be heaps of fun!

      Me too - if you ask me Splatoon is the most incredible thing I've seen so far out of E3 this year! The detail these guys are going to with making a 'Nintendo' shooter is the same level of thought that Valve out into TF2!

      I agree completely! Also, using the gyro to fine-adjust your aim in addition to the usual run and gun 3rd person controls is something I've wanted to see implemented as a core control mechanic since the Sixaxis.
      And as for the game itself, it just looks awesome. Kind of like graffiti mode from Tony Hawk crossed with De Blob crossed with Team Fortress 2. I'm very interested in this one.

    ... Game Delayed
    ... Game for release in 2015
    ... Please Understand

      Yes. 2014: the year of gaming disappointment. 2015: HOLYFRACKINGSHITWEHAVENTSEENTHISSINCE2007!

    I'm feeling like there's more than a bit of fanboying going on in the comments... Only 2 games here of interest to me, starfox/zelda, everything else, meh.

    So.... No Metroid? I guess there is no real coming back after Metroid: Other M. What a horrid horrid game that turned out to be

    What is the difference between the premium WiiU and the standard one?

      The size of the hard drive (8Gb vs 32Gb) and the premium version generally comes with a game. Initially it was NintendoLand, but there's now a MK8 bundle which takes its place, with a free download of one of eight top tier Wii U games.
      Hardware-wise it's just the hard drive and the colour.

    Hopefully there will be a special further down the track when the wiiU comes down in price - then I'll buy it. Looking forward to the new Zelda game!

    The lack of Metroid is shitting me.

    *stamps foot*

    It was a good show but.. Still no Wii u Pokemon and no new Nintendo IP :(
    EDIT: And I forgot Metroid.

    Last edited 11/06/14 9:00 pm

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