The Best PC And Tech Deals From Amazon Prime Day [Updated]

The Best PC And Tech Deals From Amazon Prime Day [Updated]
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Amazon are slinging some pretty good PC and tech deals from a variety of top brands during Prime Day this year. There’s a pretty wide variety of bargains on offer – from keyboards to gaming mice to cases and whole laptops – the chances of you finding something you might need are pretty good.

Corsair in particular are offering some decent deals on a range of PC parts and accessories. If you’ve been looking to build a gaming PC from scratch, or throw some upgrades on the one you already have, you might want to give these Prime Day deals a browse.

If you want to pick up any of these deals you need to be an Amazon Prime member, so don’t forget to sign up for an account beforehand (if you haven’t already). If it doesn’t look like the discounts are showing up on the product page, don’t fret. They’re added in during checkout phase.

Check out some of Amazon's Prime Day deals for PC and tech below.

Update 14/10: This story has been updated to include additional deals and new information.

ASUS Prime Day Deals

Corsair Prime Day Deals

HyperX Prime Day Deals

Lenovo Prime Day Deals

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