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This Is Everything You Need To Know About The PlayStation 4

So you’re here to find out about the PS4, right? The crazy amount of posts on the front page look a bit terrifying, right? Why not quickly delve in here and find all of the news! Everything you need to know! Every news post you have to check out!

There’s a lot of stuff here, so I’ve tried to collate it into three nice little piles: tech, games and… other! I’ll add any breaking news to this post throughout the day.


The PS4 Can Render Amazing Old Man Heads
You Can Play PS4 Games On Your Vita With Remote Play
PlayStation 4 Tech Demos Show A Glimpse Of The Future
PlayStation 4 Can Share Video, Includes Facebook Integration, New Dashboard
The PlayStation 4’s Specs In Brief
Here’s Sony’s New PS4 Controller


Jonathan Blow’s The Witness Will Debut On The PlayStation 4
Bungie’s Destiny Is Coming To PS4
It’s Official, Watch Dogs Is A PS4 Game
Square Enix Is Making A Final Fantasy Game For PS4, You’ll Probably See It At E3 This Year
Driveclub Is Your First PS4 Racing Game
Killzone: Shadowfall Announced For PS4
Infamous Second Son Is A PlayStation 4 Exclusive
Knack Is The First Announced PlayStation 4 Game


Sony Doesn’t Have Any Information On An Australian Release Date For The PS4. Yet.
You Can Already Pre-Order A PS4 At EB Games, They’re Guessing $899 Australian
Why Were There No Women Presenters At The PlayStation 4 Event?
Tell Us Dammit: How About That New PlayStation?

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