10 Big PlayStation E3 Announcements

10 Big PlayStation E3 Announcements

According to your vote, Sony kind of kicked arse this week (though it is but early days in a long battle). So what news, games, trailers and announcements helped the PlayStation’s momentum? Let’s recap briefly; in no particular order…

That Conference

As Mark said in Kotaku’s live blog, Sony did a great job of making boring stuff… not boring. The production was slick. We finally got to see the freaking PS4. It’s coming this holiday season. There’s no DRM. It’ll play games from overseas. We have specs. It’ll be priced at $549. A little pricier in Australia than we’d like. Lots of win…mostly.


Destiny Gameplay

Bungie’s upcoming shooter looks epic and beautiful.
It was great to finally see the game in action at Sony’s conference, and we appreciate the effort put into building its universe.

Final Fantasy XV /
Kingdom Hearts 3

Thank you Square Enix for sticking it out. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV. The demo is hot and it may also get a sequel. Though XV won’t be a PS4 exclusive. And neither will Kingdom Hearts 3; apparently. But hey, still coming to PS4. Nice.


The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Telltale Games’ upcoming second season of The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be cross platform, but seeing the DLC pop up in Jack Tretton’s talk was great. And Season One is coming to the Vita, complete with unique hybrid controls.

Metal Gear Solid V:
The Phantom Pain

We knew next-gen Solid Snake was coming to the XBone. This week confirmed PS4 development. And Kiefer Sutherland. But I’d like to focus on nice things: like this grisly nine-minute trailer.


Mad Max

Avalanche Studios, the developers of the Just Cause series, are making an open world Mad Max game. We saw a PS4 trailer this week during Sony’s conference. It’s gritty. It has the Interceptor. It’s also coming to Xbox One. Shame about that American accent, though.


The Order: 1886

The newest PS4 exclusive and new IP at that. That’s always intriguing. Developed by Ready At Dawn (of PSP God of War fame) and Sony Santa Monica, the game mashes sci-fi with 19th century England.
AAA Steampunk. Check out the trailer.


Mirror’s Edge 2

DICE and EA are calling it an open world action adventure reboot. I’m calling it yet another reason I can’t wait for the PS4; even though it’s booked in for Xbox One and PC also. Trailer action.



I’m a fan of moody PlayStation network games. I loved Limbo, and I’m really looking forward to Sony Japan Studio’s upcoming platform adventure. In Rain, you’re an invisible boy only visible with beautiful liquid effects as you explore a puzzling maps. Coming to the PlayStation network later this year.


Infamous: Second Son

Last but definitely not least, this is shaping up to be a landmark title in sandbox gaming — and it made its Nirvana-shredding debut at E3. The PS4 exclusive is as “next-gen” as it gets — instead of just slapping on a fresh lick of paint and farting out a new protagonist, Sucker Punch has really pulled out all the stops to deliver a truly open-world (and open air) experience. To borrow a hokey old movie tagline: you will believe a man can fly.


  • mad max speaking in an american accent? the americans need to realise that would be as insulting as someone representing Abraham Lincoln and coming out with “crikey shazza, I got shot!”

      • Abraham Lincoln 2: Abe Goes Down Under.

        Though I’m not sure if that name is already trademarked by a porn movie.

    • You only need it on one account for everyone on that console to be able to access multiplayer though.

    • but you also get free games on Ps3 and PSvita, and maybe ps4 with that ps+ so nothing bad

      • Yeah it’s funny cause Xbox has just started the free games thing and Playstation is requiring payment and adding cross game chat. All of a sudden both services are almost the same

        • well no, xbox is only going to give you 2 games for the rest of the eyar, Halo 3 and ASS creed 2, PSN gives ytou new games each months, and halo 3 and Ass creed 2 are like $20 or less

    • Will this only be applicable to the PS4? Or will there be a point in time (perhaps on PS4 release date) when you will also need PS+ for multiplayer on the PS3?

  • I’m really looking forward for Kingdom hearts 3. Maybe it’s time to get some ISOs for my Playstation 2 Emulator.

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