Kotaku AU Wrap: The Goose That Was

Last week we said goodbye to a chap who has helped shape this community into one of the few places on the internet you can make an intelligent post and expect one in return.

Also, some stuff about games.

We salute you, Gooseface Killah, ye man of few, well-considered words. And if you figure out what you're up to in the next few weeks, rest assured I'll give it the ol' Kotaku bump.


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    Hey Junglist! :D
    Welcome to your temporary editoring...ing

    I hope no-one has forgotten about lunch time wasters and remember this?

    Alright Junglist on board!

    Good luck Gooseman in ur future endeavours. Maybe you can guess Remember this? When Junglist puts them up. Word

    What do Geese do in post-Kotaku lives?

      Duck out?
      Swan around?
      Have a gander at the real world?
      Make a bit of a flap?

    Wait a minute...the Junglist O_O!!? *Salutes*

    We shall miss Goose

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