Kotaku AU Wrap: The Week That Was

The week that was began with me walking into the Kotaku office on my first day, cleanly shaven, smelling delicious, wearing a lovely shirt and a nice suit jacket - shaking hands with everyone, not too firm, but not too limp either.

Then it slowly devolved, with me getting shabbier and shabbier until I simply judo rolled into the office on Friday, wearing my 10 year old Spiderman pajamas, sporting a hobo beard and smelling vaguely like a wet dog.

That was the week that was for me. The week that was for Kotaku? You'll find that below.

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    How exactly does one 'sport a hobo bear'?

    Holy shit! You have a hobo bear?!? I think you meant beard, but this is just far more epic.

      Aren't all bears technically hobos?

        What's more, they're lazy hobo's - what, with all the hibernating and such.

        Sounds like me when i first started my current job - always coming in clean shaven and smelling like... something that smells nice.

        These days i just wear bummy clothes from the brands we sell and generally don't care - what with sitting behind a computer all day and all.

        I need a scene change. Hopefully i'll get that interview call from JB soon... They need somone in their games section :) Perfect!

          Do you have tattoos and piercings?
          I am pretty sure it is a job requirement at JB's.

            I have two piercings in my upper left ear, and used to have both nipples and eyebrow but took them out a while ago.

            No tatts though... hmmm maybe i should get one?

            How about a heart with 'mum' on it?

      Man I should have read this post earlier, I love Hobo bear sports. I feel like i missed out on the joke and It is just not the same now.

      Hey, why do you get to edit your stuff ups but we dont have a hope... double standards?? Oh i forgot, dictatorship... ah.

        Lollercoasters, it is double standards, I think we should all now be gifted free lazy hobo bears, to use as poofies. You know, foot stools, jebus, I don't know if its polically correct to call foot stools poofies anymore??? I have found memories of my first poofie I have. :)

    I'm sick of these constant hobo bear attacks. It's like a frickin' country hobo bear jambaroo around here!

      I saw a hobo bear once, it was holding a sign saying "Will Maul for Salmon"

        Give this man/woman/android an award! Lollworthy comment is lollworthy.

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